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Broker makes flyer inviting people to ‘Join the gentrification!’ in Bushwick

bushwick retail
Can we opt-out? via Oh, great

Everyone’s always talking about how bad gentrification for a city’s original residents or people just looking to live somewhere affordable or for neighborhood character and cohesiveness. But no one ever considers the feelings of people who like gentrification. Like brokers getting rich as hell off of it. That must explain why one made some flyers inviting prospective renters of a site at 25-29 Thames Street with a call to “Join the gentrification” in Bushwick.

Oh, great found the flyer, which has some damn ugly renderings of an equally terrible looking restaurant, bar and retail clothing store in an industrial space that’s not too built up. Because as a wise milk shake once said, “Kids love pizza. And they love squalor.” Anyway, we’re gonna go out on a limb and predict that this site becomes an Urban Oufitters. Because really, how can you have just one?

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