BK Top 5: The best things to do tonight, from storytelling with Charla Lauriston to Bullshit Olympics

clench and release
Maybe Charla will tell you about her struggle to live without arms

You made it to the unofficial end of the week, again! Congratulations, blast fax kudos all around. Your coming weekend will be full of New York Mets playoff anxiety (or at least it should be), so this is the day to get out there and really cut loose. Good thing the Brokelyn Events Calendar exists and has such great stuff listed on it. Pick a night out, any night out I’ve got for you below, you can’t go wrong.

Oh hey, don’t forget it’s spooky season out there, even if it hasn’t been cold enough to feel like it. You might have missed out on ghost hunting, but you can still get scared stiff, and for free, thanks to Rooftop Films. Tonight, they’ve got the series premiere of “confused previously dead people walk back into town” show The Returned and a couple short films that are also on the spooky spectrum.
7pm, The Bushwick Generator, 195-215 Moore Street, Bushwick, FREE

Split Personality already seems like a good thing for you to go to tonight because it means you get to see Charla Lauriston, she of the Kimmy Schmidt writing credit and two seasons of Clench and Release, for free in a small room. Even better though, is that if you’ve got a story to tell or some jokes to workshop, you can put your name in the Split Personality hat and get a chance to do five minutes of your own. So then yes, you can tell people you played the same room as Charla when she’s famous and has her own show.
7:30pm, Over the Eight, 593 Union Avenue, Williamsburg, FREE

What’s a good way to welcome the coming weekend? Oh how about a book release party for a graphic novel exploring depressing things like loss and family relationships? Okay fine, Adrian Tomine’s (who’s a regular contributor to The New Yorker) graphic novel also deals with fun stuff like creative ambition and stand up comedy, so it’s not all sad stuff.
7pm, powerHouse Arena, 37 Main Street, DUMBO, FREE

If you’re lucky, all of your embarrassing attempts at creativity from high school and college have been destroyed, and no record of them exists anywhere at all. Or maybe that means you’re unlucky, because it means you’ll never be able to be part of the Bullshit Olympics, where writers will unearth their precocious attempts at being serious and otherwise insightful back when they were basically just children. Still, these will probably be better than Garden State.
7pm, Videology, 308 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, FREE

We’ll say this much for Bernie Sanders supporters here in Brooklyn: They know how to party. The latest fundraiser in a music venue will feature more than a dozen singers covering music by the likes of Rage Against the Machine, Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley, sets from four non-singing DJs, Bernie Sanders-inspired art, political speeches (BORING) and best of all, free pizza and ice cream from 7pm to 8pm. If you’re not a Bernie Sanders person, do be aware that all money raised tonight will be going towards the Sanders 2016 campaign.
7pm, The Paper Box, 17 Meadow Street, East Williamsburg, $10

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