Check out all of Charla Lauriston’s funny mini-series ‘Clench & Release’

clench and release
Charla Luriston demonstrating the “no arms” seduction technique

Maybe some of you wanted to make it out to Over the Eight last week to catch the world premiere of Clench & Release, Charla Lauriston’s funny and slick web series. But, you couldn’t make it for whatever reason. Fortunately for you, it’s a web series, so all four shorts are on YouTube now. Everyone’s slowing down for the horrible slow day anyway, so we say just sit down and watch it at work so that you can learn about the practice of chicken shaming, how to deal with someone whose dick is out on the subway and the armless seduction technique.

The show is like Seinfeld or Louie, with its cutaways to actual standup providing additional context to what’s going on in the stories. You’ll probably find something to relate to in Lauriston’s stories of workplace embrassment, crushing on a dude who’s taken and falling down a YouTube wormhole,

The show is kind of serialized, so we’d suggest watching them all in order. Of all of the episodes, the one featuring the dude with his dick out hits closest to home and has one of the best lines (“This is New York City, not some shitty town like Wisconsin where you have to cover up your dick”).

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