BK Top 5: The best things to do tonight, from getting cultured and crass to digging deep

If you loved "Porcupine Racetrack," we've got an event for you tonight
If you loved “Porcupine Racetrack,” we’ve got an event for you tonight

So I understand a number of you might be busy tonight, what with running out to start laying the groundwork for the Kanye West ’20 presidential campaign. That being said, you should make sure you carve out some time to have some fun tonight, because the Brokelyn Event Calendar is filled with some good stuff to do, like the picks below. Maybe do your telephone polling for candidate West’s favoribles and unfavoribles at work, on your boss’ dime.

How many times can you watch Wet Hot American Summer in one summer? The answer is probably somewhere in hundreds, so even if you saw the movie at SummerScreen or went to the total immersion or watched the prequel series a few times, seeing it tonight will still be fun.
9pm, Livestream Public, 195 Morgan Avenue, Bushwick, FREE

The premise for High Art/Low Art is pretty great: instead of only providing you with highbrow entertainment like opera or lowbrow entertainment like a man getting high in the groin by a football, you get both kinds of acts in the same show. So tonight that means you get to see things like a violin and viola duo and someone performing Shakespeare, but also comedy from Murderfist and Joe Pera.
9:30pm, Max Cellar, 2 Knickerbocker Avenue, Bushwick, FREE

Sometimes you need to start the week with some aggressive music, like Motorhead or The Misfits, to help get your energy up for the days to come. If that’s the case for you this week, then Sycamore’s got you covered with a four hour party devoted to punk, garage, metal and skateboarding.
10pm, Sycamore, 1118 Cortelyou Road, Ditmas Park, FREE

Comedians have a lot of jokes, and just because you see the ones that make a roomful of people laugh doesn’t mean they don’t have deeply loved jokes of their own that no one else seems to like. Tonight, you can hear some of those jokes, and while we think that people like Mike Abrusci and Lorelei Ramirez are usually funny, we can’t really guarantee they will be tonight. It’ll be interesting though, we’re sure.
8pm, Over the Eight, 594 Union Avenue, Williamsburg, FREE

We all know about the phenomenon of falling into a Wikihole, and somehow spending three hours clicking links on it until you’re on the bio of a general in the Crimean War, but what about a Vimehole? Chris Osborn, who works for Vimeo, found himself deep in its weirdest, most experimental videos one night and now wants to share that weirdness with you. Think of it as a shortcut to the fun oddities, without having to spend hours clicking around yourself.
9pm, Videology, 308 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, FREE

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