BK Top 5: The best things to do tonight, from hip hop karaoke to listening to erotic fan fiction

Rock the mic tonight, the way you've always wanted to. via Flickr user Nev Brown
Rock the mic tonight, the way you’ve always wanted to. via Flickr user Nev Brown

Hello out there, and welcome to another Monday Funday. It’s the very last Monday of 2015, so you’re probably taking stock of what kind of year you’ve had. Have you gone out and gotten drunk enough this year? Have you taken in enough culture? Sang your lungs out enough at karaoke or at shows? If you haven’t, you probably haven’t been paying close enough attention to the Brokelyn Events Calendar. You can still fix it by checking out some great things listed on it tonight, so get out there and make the last Monday a great one.

It’s time to let your inner Freddie Gibbs out, provided you think you have one. Maybe you’ve got an inner Snow instead or god forbid an inner Macklemore. The point is, if you’ve been dying to get up on stage and rap in front of a crowd but have been stopped by your inability to actually write your own lyrics, Hip Hop Karoke is here to provide the mic, the lyrics and even a hype man to help you tear the roof off the sucka.
8pm, Brooklyn Bowl, 61 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg, $10

Get a head start on your New Year’s resolution to do more works to honor and praise Satan by showing up to a party that He no doubt would approve of. Drink a few beers and listen to music that He would approve of, like metal, punk and garage rock, while watching old skate videos. Remember, it’s never a bad time to declare your allegiance to the Morning Star.
10pm, Sycamore, 1118 Cortelyou Road, Ditmas Park, FREE

Ah, fan fiction, the comedic gold mine of self-insertion, ridiculous plotting and unfortunate sexual scenarios that will never be empty as long as there are teens who love geeky books and movies. Of course, rather than make fun of people just trying to cure their boredom, you could also watch a bunch of comedians like Aparna Nacherla, Myq Kaplan and Giulia Rozzi try their damnedest to outdo each other with the funniest sex-based fan fiction they can muster at Union Hall.
8pm, Union Hall, 702 Union Street, Park Slope, $10

Book readings and literary parties always slow down a bit in December, so it may have been a little while since you were in a room with a bunch of literature-loving strangers. If you’re jonesing for some book chat, head to BookCourt tonight for the Sackett Street Writers’ post-holiday party, where you can hang with some bookish types and talk about the stuff you loved to read this year, the stuff you didn’t like so much, what you’re looking forward to next year and maybe even talk up your own manuscript that’s in the works.
7pm, BookCourt, 163 Court Street, Cobble Hill, FREE

Every year that goes by we get another year farther away from the golden age of The Simpsons. Well, give Father Time and the inevitable death of everything you love a kick in the shins by spending a few days before New Year’s reveling in three great old episodes of The Simpsons at Nitehawk’s downstairs Lo Res Bar. And if you’re up for it, get a Skittlebrau (High Life and Skittles). Just be aware that the Skittles make the beer foam something crazy, so drink about a quarter of it before you start to add them.
10pm, Nitehawk Cinema, 136 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, FREE

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