04/21/17 11:02am
IS THIS A GOOD IDEA????  Photo via Seeking Arrangement

Her terms involved a free tie. Photo via Seeking Arrangement

In what is still a rough economy for millenials, there are a surprising amount of people getting paid to do basically nothing except hang out with a wealthier stranger. They’re Sugar Babies and they’re all around us. What sounds like a seedy, dark-room deal is actually more legitimate and common than you might think, although its sketchy undertones are still somewhat unavoidable.

Amidst hundreds of dating sites and apps, there’s a whole slew aimed at matching wealthy, lonely Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommies with “Sugar Babies” whom they’ll pay to keep them company. And yes, if that sounds like sex work (not that there’s anything inherently wrong with sex work), that’s because many people use those sites for sex, but it is really, truly, we promise, not all about sex. So is it a good, safe, ethical idea to be a Sugar Baby for cash? We did some investigating and spoke with a former Sugar Baby to find out. (more…)

04/14/17 3:20pm
CAPTION. Photo via Wikipedia

*One of New York’s countless urgent care options.” Photo via Wikipedia

Welcome to the Brokelyn Files where our resident unlicensed P.I. Sam Weiss answers the local questions you never thought to ask. Got a lead on a Brooklyn mystery? Write us in the comments below.

Urgent care — it’s medical treatment for those who don’t quite need an emergency room but who can’t see their primary care physician. Urgent care clinics are ideal for people like me (that is, disorganized hypochondriacs) and they’ve popped up in practically every neighborhood and on every corner in New York. But where did they all come from? And why? Why now? And are they actually any good as an alternative to seeing a normal doctor? This week, the Brokelyn Files aims its metaphorical magnifying glass at the medical industry to answers those questions and more. (more…)

04/04/17 10:22am
"Global" "Welcome" "Ambassador" Taylor Swift knows about bodegas. Photo by NYC & Company

I knew you were a bodega when I walked in (and saw a cat!!!). Photo by NYC & Company

Welcome to the Brokelyn Files where our resident unlicensed P.I. Sam Weiss answers the local questions you never thought to ask. Got a lead on a Brooklyn mystery? Write us in the comments below.

The bodega — symbol of New York City, bringer of breakfast sandwiches, canned foods and very old candy, beacon of light at 4:30am when everything else is closed. Broadly, we all know that the word refers to a New York City general store, but to try to put a finer point on what exactly makes a bodega a bodega brings a world of ambiguity: When does a grocery store become a bodega? Are all delis bodegas? And why do we call them that but the rest of the country doesn’t? This week, the Brokelyn Files seeks to answer those questions and more, because we want to know exactly from where our bacon, egg and cheeses are coming. (more…)

03/28/17 10:22am
THIS COULD BE YOU — via Flickr user F Delventhal

These dogs could all be you. Via Flickr user F Delventhal

Having your own public access show is the dream of every teenager circa 1992, but as it turns out, it’s a surprisingly attainable dream in 2017 Brooklyn. New York has several public access channels and not only are they full of hidden gems, they’re also very open to giving television shows to people with something to say (read: You). Plus, with public broadcasting looking down the barrel of a rather unfriendly national budget proposal, we here at Brokelyn thought it as good a time as any to take stock in our fair city’s rich public access television scene. (more…)

03/23/17 12:39pm
More like "Brooklyn presents," am I right, people? Come on.

More like “Brooklyn presents,” am I right, people? Come on. Julio Torres photo by Mindy Tucker, Jo Firestone photo via her website.

Once again, Comedy Central has released their annual list of up-and-coming stand-ups getting a half-hour special on the network and this year that list is positively stacked with Brooklyn comedians. Seven of the 14 comedians on the list are New Yorkers and, amongst them, are a handful of long-time Brokelyn favorites, including Jo Firestone, Joel Kim Booster and Julio Torres, and we couldn’t be more proud. Now, we’re not trying to say that these hilarious, hard-working comedians got the opportunity because of Brokelyn, but one of them did spend a summer day in Fort Greene with our former editor, so… (more…)

03/17/17 10:58am

Hark, castle: wutchu doin in the middle of Atlantic Ave.? Photo by Sam Weiss / Brokelyn

Welcome to the Brokelyn Files where our resident unlicensed P.I. Sam Weiss answers the local questions you never thought to ask. Got a lead on a Brooklyn mystery? Write us in the comments below.

If you’ve ever found yourself wandering through Brooklyn, fed up with the subway and terrified of the bus system, you may well have encountered a massive, castle-like building taking up an entire block of precious New York City real estate and, often, seemingly empty. No, there wasn’t a secret Brooklyn monarchy you didn’t know about, that building and several others across the borough are armories, left over from the 19th and early-20th centuries. This week, the Brokelyn Files (having previously reported on the mysterious, all-Hasidic B-110 bus) investigates Brooklyn’s proliferation of former armory buildings: Why were they built, why do we have so many and for what are they being used now? (more…)

03/13/17 4:44pm
New York City tomorrow, we assume - via Wikimedia

New York City tomorrow, we assume. Photo via Wikimedia

If you’ve made small talk with a single New Yorker today, you know we’re looking at a monumental blizzard tomorrow. The city has already cancelled school tomorrow and issued a hazardous travel advisory, and the National Weather Service says to expect up to a record-breaking 23 inches of snow. And, while a record-breaking nor’easter two weeks after a 70-degree day might sound like the end of days, it hopefully means you’ll get a snow day (providing your job isn’t in the service industry, very, very important, or able to be accomplished with just a MacBook and some Wi-Fi)! This winter being as mild as it has been, this might be your one and only chance to stay at home while mother nature physically prevents you from doing anything but relax.

With that in mind, we’ve got a few suggestions for what you might need to make the most of your natural disaster, both practical and not so much. (more…)

03/09/17 3:13pm
Something about the statue - via Wikimedia

Lady Liberty participated in the Day Without a Woman this week. Photo via Wikimedia

In a poignant (albeit random and totally unplanned) display, the Statue of Liberty went dark for a few hours Tuesday night due to a Parks Service lighting mix-up. Accidental or not, the blackout’s timing couldn’t have been better, coming days after the release of President Trump’s new travel ban (hell, The New Yorker even called it a month ago) and minutes before International Women’s Day, as if to say that Lady Liberty herself was striking alongside her sisters (early because she’s still on France time, obviously). But 2017 is a rough year for everyone, not just giant green women, so why should the Statue of Liberty be the only inanimate object protesting? Not to worry, we’ve got a few ideas of how the rest of the city’s non-human inhabitants might follow Lib’s lead and get in on the protest game. (more…)

03/02/17 2:02pm
The B-110, MTA's white whale, in Borough Park - via Wikimedia

The B-110, MTA’s white whale, in Borough Park. Photo via Wikimedia

Have you ever noticed a 1970’s-era city bus cruising through Brooklyn carrying exclusively Hasidic passengers? That’s the B-110 bus, the MTA’s white whale and the subject of the inaugural edition of The Brokelyn Files, our new series where we investigate local mysteries. This week’s mystery: What’s the deal with the most mysterious bus line in the MTA’s fleet, the B-110? (more…)

02/22/17 8:54am
The state of the scene: Farewell (for now) to two of Brooklyn comedy's best venues

The Annoyance Theatre will close their Bedford Avenue location this March. Via The Annoyance / Facebook

It’s been a tough few months for the Brooklyn comedy scene. The city has is cracking down on DIY venues in the wake of Oakland’s Ghost Ship fire, world events are throwing a wrench into comedy as a whole (or so the think pieces say) and now our fair borough is saying farewell (for now, at least) to two of its best spaces for new, experimental comedy: Over the Eight and the Annoyance Theatre. With that in mind, we step back and take stock in the past, present and future of Brooklyn’s comedy scene. (more…)