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Happy Daiquiri Day: Celebrate with our five favorite Brooklyn daiquiris

Today is National Daiquiri Day, which is a made-up holiday BUT, nevertheless, an excellent excuse to drink what is arguably the greatest combination of liquor, sugar and ice. The delicious rum and lime cocktail is a Caribbean classic and is especially popular in the south, but Brooklyn’s got its fair share of watering holes with the drink on the menu either frozen or over ice.

So, to celebrate this most mouthwatering fake holiday, here’s a round-up of our favorite spots to grab a daiquiri in the borough this Daiquiri Day. Stop in for one or celebrate right and crawl between all five if you’re feeling adventurous.


Public domain daiquiri porn
Public domain daiquiri porn

Cardiff Giant
415 Myrtle Avenue, Clinton Hill
Price: $12

The summer drink menu at Cardiff Giant this year includes the “Trust Fund,” which is both delicious and aptly titled for the bar’s location four blocks from Pratt. The Trust Fund is made with lime, a little mint and some strawberry shrub (a fruity “drinking vinegar” for those non-bartenders out there). Plus, this is the only true Brooklyn-made daiquiri, as its base is Owney’s white rum, which is distilled in East Williamsburg.

Loosie Rouge
91 South 6th St., Williamsburg
Price: $11

Loosie Rouge takes a more savory route with its frozen daiquiri made with roasted plantains. The plantains give it a bit of a salty twist, which is balanced out by lime and some iced green tea. This concoction will run you $11, which is a decent price for a green tea and some plantains anyway, so you might as well have it blended up and mixed with rum.

The Long Island Bar
110 Atlantic Ave., Cobble Hill
Price: $12

This bar on the border of Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights does a tropical twist on our rummy friend with its pineapple cocktail. The Long Island Bar’s variant is made with pineapple-infused white rum and lime, which ought to make for a refreshing stop on your Daiquiri Day crawl. Plus, this place has been on Atlantic since the 60s and they have delicious deviled eggs, so you can drink like your grandparents for a little while.


More public domain daiquiri porn
More public domain daiquiri porn

196 5th Ave., Park Slope
Price: $12

Blueprint’s “Day-O” is one of the swankier cocktails on our list, but it’s far from pretentious and at $12, you’re getting quite a bang for your buck. The Day-O is made with lime, banana, licorice and nutmeg, so it’s a little spicier than the other options in town. Blueprint makes this daiquiri with aged Martinique and Jamaican rums, so head there early on in your Daiquiri day so that you can still actually appreciate the difference.

Margarita Island
1105 Bowery St., Coney Island
Price: $15

Now, is this the most artisan daiquiri in the city? No. But it’s delicious, sweet, gigantic and at the beach, so it’s worth your while. Margarita Island is tucked away amidst the Coney Island Boardwalk, just a skip, hop and a jump from the water or from the Cyclone, so you’ve got plenty of options of places to later regret drinking a daiquiri. The infamous jumbo daiquiri comes in strawberry or banana and is about the double the size of most of the other daiquiris on this list. Plus, these bad boys are half off from 2 to 7 Monday through Wednesday, so you can drink two for the price of one and then go for a swim and suddenly feel less afraid of bacteria in the water.

Honorable Mentions

If you want some extra credit on your Daiquiri Day, here are a couple of daiquiri-adjacent cocktails: The Hurricane at the Commodore in Williamsburg and the Mai Tai at King Noodle in Bushwick. And, if you’re willing to leave Brooklyn, might we recommend the daiquiris at Dutch Kills in Long Island City and at Otto’s Shrunken Head in Alphabet City.

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