Are you a spelling survivor? Prove it at a Beyoncé spelling bee tonight

beyonce brucie
Put “Vernon Keenan” in your spelling vocabulary, as he designed The Cyclone, a roller coaster Beyoncé once rode

For any competitive spellers with aggression to burn off, the Williamsburg Spelling Bee at Pete’s Candy Store (709 Lorimer Street) is your shot to do so, since you’ve aged out of the Scripps Spelling Bee. Who needs those nerds though, when you can drink while you try to spell? Tonight’s spelling bee is an especially big one, because it will be entirely Beyoncé-themed, giving you the chance to spell “Giselle” (as in her middle name), “Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie” (who was sampled on “Flawless”) and “Hone” (the woman held hostage by Beyoncé on the Wonder Wheel) to a roaring crowd. Maybe you can celebrate correct spellings by doing a piece of the “Single Ladies” dance.

Okay, so Beyoncé is no longer the queen of Brooklyn (the Girl of Gotham is), but that doesn’t mean she can’t still hold a fascination for our fair borough. Queen of BK or not, Beyoncé is still atop the pantheon of pop culture, so of course it makes sense that the Williamsburg Spelling Bee (the world’s hippest spelling bee, obviously) is devoting a night to a Beyoncé spelling bee for one night only. And that night is tonight, with the sign ups starting at 7pm and the hot spelling action going down at 7:30.

So if you’re a flawless speller, show up tonight and you could win yourself a bar tab (which won’t directly pay your bills bills bills but will at least keep you from spending your real money).

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