By royal decree, you’re invited to the coronation of Brooklyn’s King and Queen

The King connects with his loyal subjects. via Flickr user Luna Park NYC
The King connects with his loyal subjects. via Flickr user Luna Park NYC

When Jay and Bey called it quits on the borough this year, we sought to elect a new King and Queen of Brooklyn by popular vote. There was a runoff featuring impressive arguments from each worthy competitor, and the people have spoken: King Henry and the Girls of Gotham reign!

Now that they’re in charge, they’ll have to make good on all the bribes they used to win our affection. The Gotham Girls are planning a special derby performance we’ve yet to get you details for, but King Henry’s just given us an update on what to expect from his side of the royal court this summer.

King Henry promised us 100 bleacher tickets to a Brooklyn Cyclones’ game, where a pre-game coronation ceremony would also take place. So mark your calendars for Saturday, July 18, when the Cylones take on the hated Vermont Lake Monsters and Brokelyn will officially crown King Henry and a representative from the Gotham Girls as BK’s new monarchs before a crowd of screaming fans at MCU Park!

The King had also promised a shoe-shine to the first five ticket holders to show up to the stadium. Since his royal Majesty will have other pre-game duties, you’ll have to show up pretty early to get in on that shoe-shine. Henry will be waiting outside with his polish at 4:15pm, which is fifteen minutes before stadium doors open. Wear your best leather loafers and get there early to be one of the lucky five.

And you might want to get to Coney Island even earlier that day, because new Queens the Gotham Girls are going to be having their season opener in Coney Island that day as well, with a double header of crazy rolling action. Tickets for the derby at Coney Island’s Abe Stark Arena (1902 Surf Avenue) will run you $20, and with the first one going down at 3:30pm, you’ll still be able to walk over to MCU Park for the game and coronation, since Abe Stark is right next door to MCU Park. And you’ll want to do that, because your new Queens have told us they’ll be slingshotting t-shirts into the crowd. Everyone loves free t-shirts!

The July 18 pre-game coronation will take place out on the field by home plate at 5:15pm; the game itself begins at 6pm.The coronation is also going to be an especially family-friendly game day, since it’s a Pirates & Princesses-themed game. Even the kids get to feel like royalty, albeit of a lesser degree. We love our new monarchy!

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