Anybody out there need 10,000 free condoms?

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Bow chicka wow wow (via flickr user robertelyov)

If you haven’t been searching for a new apartment/job/couch, or haven’t been scouring our site lately, you might have missed some of the goods Craiglist’s Cavern of Wacky Wonders has been doling out lately. And today, the Craigslist Gods are gifting one of you lucky lovers out there with a veritable prophylactic fountain: 10,000 condoms. For free.

Yes, according to an ad posted on Saturday, one Park Slope fellow, or perhaps even a lady, received 10,000 condoms “by mistake” or “as a joke.” For some reason, this person wasn’t down for 10,000 protected rounds in the bedroom, so they’re giving them out to the aspiring Wilt Chamberlains out there, or perhaps for anyone plagued by Steve Carrell’s condom trouble, a la The 40-Year-Old Virgin. The condoms are first come, first serve, so hurry up before they’re all gone — and don’t worry, there’s lube, too.

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