Do you wanna be this rich dude’s “online dating surrogate?”

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The wealthy fellow this lady thinks she’s messaging is really a 23-year-old female freelancer who lives in Bushwick. (via Nick Douglas’ flickr)

Online dating sites are a dime a dozen these days, and in this day and age there’s no shame in OKCupid-ing your way to romance a free dinner — even Martha Stewart’s doing it! But with so many eligible lovely ladies and lusty bachelors out there, the online dating profile’s become part art, part science, and unless you’re just hot-or-not-ing the selection on Tinder, it’s hard to sift through all sludge to find Mr. or Ms. Right. For one “successful entrepreneur,” the online dating world has become so dense and difficult, he needs someone to do it for him – and for $100 a week, that person can be you!

That’s right. A mysterious entrepreneur and lovelorn soul posted a Craigslist ad  last week looking for a “discerning woman” to be his “online dating surrogate” and “handle online dating communications” for him. So you’d review profiles, mark favorites, send messages (“hey, baby, u look so hot in ur prof, DTF?” etc.) and hook him up with his one true love some hot arm candy for a night. The job criteria’s pretty stiff, since he’s looking for a pretty, thin, educated young lady in her 20s or 30s to run the whole operation, and maybe date, since the ad seems a little like a call for ladies on its own.

But you can work from anywhere, he’s only looking for an hour of profile perusing and messaging a day, and you get to stay in close contact with the poster, who sounds like a real winner and is apparently so busy and successful he can’t even bother sending his own messages. Plus, there’s the added bonus of possibly being able to catfish the whole situation, which would be hilarious. CAN YOU SAY FOURTH JOB????

[h/t New York Observer]

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  1. Funny. Yeah, you know, this is nothing new… I saw a Today Show segment on this company that does this for people a few years back. Just found it again… it’s

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