Affordable housing coming to Clinton Hill, eventually (in 2017)

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So, you saw the Williamsburg affordable housing and decided that you’re too good for living in Williamsburg. Or more likely, you’re just feeling hopeless that you’ll win the lottery to get in, which makes more sense. Well, if you can hold on here for a little more than two years, you can start the teeth-gnashing process for an affordable apartment in Clinton Hill, with the Observer reporting that 20 percent of the 40 units in the above Fulton Street building will be affordable. Technically that means 7.6 units would be affordable, but we don’t see the developers rounding up, do you?

The building above is going up on the corner of Vanderbilt and Fulton with construction starting in 2015 and last until 2017, according to the Observer, and we bet the developers move fast to get it done so that they can cash people’s rent checks before the bubble bursts. It’s going up in one of New York’s increasingly disappearing gas station lots, because as you all know, we live in a city where cars just can’t catch a break.

What will you do from now until 2017, when the building is supposed to open? We don’t know, take a nap maybe? Sign up for email alerts from NYC Housing Connect so that you don’t oversleep the announcement that applications are being taken for the building? Volunteer for the Andrew Cuomo presidential campaign? LOL, don’t do that, but definitely sign up for that Housing Connect alert and get your finances in order.

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