You might finally use the NYC affordable housing lottery

Richmond Place in Queens, one of the first options in the new lottery.

For waaaaaaaayyyy too long, New York City affordable housing lotteries have only been accessible using paper forms and snail mail. This meant individual repetitive applications for each development with no verification process. It also meant that anyone in Gen. Y was not going to bother applying. The New York Observer reports that the application process has been brought into the 21st century, meaning as of now you can apply for affordable housing ON THE INTERNET.

Currently, there are only two open lotteries are for buildings in East Harlem and Richmond Hill, Queens. The New York Times hasn’t done real estate features on these neighborhoods yet, but $785 for a studio?!?! Yes, please.

Keep in mind there are required income ranges. For that particular studio (in Richmond Hill), you must make between $28,869 and $34,860 a year.

At the NYC Housing Connect website, you can check out open lotteries and apply online using a saved profile. The odds are still not great (it’s called a lottery for a reason), but we here at Brokelyn applaud the efforts made to streamline the process and encourage you to apply if you’re within the income guidelines.

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  1. seddik yedder

    hello my name seddik yedder i live in astoria queens we are couple with bebe looking for one bed room to apply for affordable housing in manhatta n queens or brooklyn

    • susan

      Why don’t you move out if NYC? NYC sucks and immigrants are making it worst to live in….there is no room for immigrants….why doesn’t all immigrants move out of NYC? And then all of us real new yorkers would be better off and less cramped

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        • susan will

          Nino….another fuckin immigrant . . . .yes there are broke white people too. I suffer every damn day paying more taxes than I should be because of immigrants like you. My family has lived in NYC for 100 years and my fathergrew up fucking poor and we barely are just above poverty llevel. No I will not go to foreign doctors because I believe in good american doctors. Fuckin immigrants like you who fuckin take american jobs and have fuckin anchor babies are the ones ruining this damn city. I’m tired of fucking bending over backward to cater to fuckin immigrants because they don’t want to learn fuckin English…..I came from America, I didn’t leave my fuckin country but you did….so why should I have to cater to your fuckin asses?

          • ruby nefer

            Susan, that’s the point. You also have the option to go somewhere that suits your personal needs and issues. I’d rather live next to an immigrant with morals and respect for other people, than a caucasion woman with ignorance and prejudice ideals littering our community. Get a passport. Enjoy your flight.

        • Simona

          People are so blind, they don’t even realize how skin color is just an illusion of the human limited mind. Inside we are all the same. USA is a country made of Immigrants…WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

          • we were all immigrants at some point. the term immigrant is an prejudice term to get people to kick out immigrants. had this been 100 years ago theres a few races getting the boot on a boat back to europe

  2. Jannet Rodriguez

    I’m looking for a low income apartment 2 bedroom for myself and my daughter. I also would appreciate it if its allowed to have a cat and a dachshund. I’m currently working part time and looking for a second job. My daughter just graduated and she’s going to go to college. I hope to hear from someone as soon as possible. Thank you for taking time to read this little message.

  3. Nereidao

    I work with children who parents have abandoned them I would love a bigger apartment or house so I can help them establish themselves in college and feel loved I’ve been working with children for over 20 years. House rental would be great please help me. 4 bedroom. Thank you

  4. Maddie

    This is in response to “Susan”..You are a freaking Idiot!!.. You didn’t leave your country??..You just said your family has been here for 100 years..where did they come from?? you are a descent of an immigrant people…This nation was built on the backs of immigrants. You speak of others..but don’t you know “WE” have a word for people like yourself??..WHITE TRASH…Stop crying, hating etc..I just hope you have no children so that the evilness you hold within your heart doesn’t get taught to another generation. ..If you don’t like it here..then go back to where your ancestors came from..Because we are not going anywhere..We are the majority!!..Have a great day..and God bless

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