93 Days of Summer, Part III: What’s up in September

grove alley party
The Grove Alley party looks bright and summery, and it’s happening in September. So summer is still alive. via Downtown Brooklyn Partnership

Damn, it’s September already, which unfortunately means the summer is coming to a close and the return to a depressing life of sweatshirts and flannels and bundling up. Let’s not focus on that though. Let’s focus on squeezing the last bit of life out of this summer, which lasts until September 21, and enjoy it instead of being sour and admitting the defeat of the winter’s return. So because we know you don’t want to give up just yet, here’s your final installment of 93 Days of Summer.

Monday, September 1

Labor Day! Take the day off of work and experience the finale of NY Caribbean Carnival week with the West Indian American Day Parade in Prospect Heights. The parade will feature an explosion of Caribbean fun with Costume bands, maquerades, floats, Moko Jumbies, and more of the like! The parade is from 11am to 6pm starts at Eastern Parkway and Schenectady Avenue and continues down to Flatbush Avenue.

Tuesday September 2

Want to dress to impress on your barren and broke budget? The Housing Works semiannual Best of Fall sale at the Brooklyn Heights location is on September 2 from 5pm-8pm, featuring 70-90% off on everything, including all designer brands, so you can get some fresh outfits for when the weather forces you to wear more clothes.

Wednesday September 3

The spirit of the summer is alive at Gowanus pizza restaurant Table 87, where they’re showing free outdoor movies for your amusement. Take a seat and watch Dirty Dancing tonight at 8:30pm, because no nobody puts summer in a corner.

Thursday September 4

DUMBO art walk! The first Thursday of every month features an art walk including gallery openings, live performances, and talks with the resident artists of the neighborhood. Take the time to do it without having to wear a jacket, because you just might have to in October.

Friday September 5

Care to see clever, dry and very relevant local art get the royal treatment in a very cool way? Of course you do. So, hit up the opening night of Bill Roundy’s Bar Scrawl at South Slope’s Supercollider, (609 4 Ave). Maybe you’ll see yourself in one of the pictures. No, not in a metaphorical way, he might have drawn you at a bar and you didn’t realize.

Saturday September 6

The Beach Bus might not be taking you to the beach anymore, but it is taking you to Storm King Art Center upstate, so get out of town for a few hours and wander around a garden with giant sculptures.

Sunday September 7

Your time to enjoy Governors Island is growing short, so if you haven’t hit up the hammocks or the mini golf or the typewriter or the library or the…there’s so much to do there, you’re probably gonna wish you just went every day. So get on a ferry and at least spend one day there. 

Monday September 8

Shake it up Mondays! Find a few friends, a rooftop, and save some money by staying home and cooking up a cocktail from “Shake” a locally produced cocktail recipe book. This Monday’s delicious summer recipe:

The Frenchie:

i. Add 1 cube cane sugar, 6 fresh raspberries, 6 fresh blueberries, and 4 fresh strawberries to shaker.

ii. Muddle the ingredients in the bottom of the shaker until thoroughly crushed.

iii. Add 10 shots French Rose wine, 2 shots Cointreau, and ice to above the level of the liquid and shake briefly for 3 seconds.

iv. Strain the mixture into tumblers containing large cubes of ice and garnish with berries.

Tuesday September 9

Whether you mountain bike yourself or just like to watch other people do it, go check out the Brooklyn Bike Park at Havemeyer Park (South 4th Street and Kent Avenue, Williamsburg), since if closes for the summer at the end of the month.

Wednesday September 10

Take a guided moonlight tour through Green-Wood Cemetery, gawking at the graves of the likes of Boss Tweed, Jean-Michael Basquiat and other famous residents, while being accompanied by a live accordion player.

Thursday September 11

Head out to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 to lie down and be guided through the wonders of the universe by the Amateur Astronomers Association of NY, at Journey to the Stars, Thursday from 7:30pm – 9:30 pm.

Friday September 12

Paint on at the final Grove Alley party (Hannover Place and Grove Place) of the season. It’s just what it sounds like: a party in an alley with live art, live DJs, food trucks, all that good stuff. I’m fucking there.

Saturday September 13

How about a day of drinking, eating, and exploring Bushwick, while it’s still warm enough for that to be fun? For $20, The Total Bushwick Immersion will get you drinks at four bars, lunch at one and a wad of cash you can use to take advantage of deals at local Bushwick businesses. Grab your tickets here.

Friday September 14 

Erin Go Braugh! Head out to Coney Island for the 33 annual Great Irish Fair of New York! September 13 and 14 from 10:30am to 8pm, Surf Avenue and W 21 Street. Music, food, and fun, Irish style! Face painting, rides, and yes of course there will be booze!

Monday September 15

Hey, remember when we were singing the praises of the Navy Yard and how we mentioned there was sunset yoga on the roof at the Brooklyn Grange? Get a ticket to take a class tonight, why don’t you, and spend some time looking at one of the last precious summer sunsets.

Tuesday September 16

No one wants to spend a summer night inside playing video games, unless of course they’re surrounded by a bunch of strangers at a place that isn’t home, and you can do that at Our Princess is in Another Castle’s free video game night at Whole Foods’ rooftop bar.

Wednesday, September 17

Take a hike! No, seriously, take a hike at the Ridgewood Reservoir, it’s really nice and we bet it’s beautiful this time of year.

Thursday, September 18

Go check out the “Photo fence” featuring a wall of photographs from 40 professional photographers all capturing photos around the theme of “community.”It’s opening night at Photoville, a “village” of storage containers on Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 5 containing photos from 40 professional photographers. If the crowds scare you off, it will be up as an exhibit from September 18 to September 28, but it’s still summer technically, so be ambitious!

Friday, September 19

Summer is coming to a close so you better get out to Coney Island at least one more time. The last weekend of summer, from September 19to September 21 the Coney Island Film Festival (1208 Surf Avenue, on the Boardwalk) will feature up to 100 films ranging in content and character. Check it out, and get your last summer dogs in while you’re out there.

Saturday, September 20

Get drunk, Brooklyn style, at the NYC Brewer’s guild Blocktoberfest (Waverly Ave between Atlantic Ave and Fulton Street)! $10 to get in, $20 for 5 tickets for 12 ounce glasses of locally brewed beer and a block party featuring things like music, beanbag tossing, and food, you can grab your tickets here!

Sunday, September 21

Okay, you made it, the last day of summer. You’re exhausted, so let’s just take this last Sunday off… Nah, that’s what the frigid winter is for. Instead, check out the 39th annual Flatbush Frolic. Featuring live bands, tons of food, arts and crafts, and games you can really have a Brooklyn blowout all day on your last day (if you’ve got any money or energy left).

Excellent work, now detox for a week, and get back at it in the fall.

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