Bar Scrawl gets the fine art treatment with a show at Supercollider in September

Roundy bartooned our own Tim Donnelly at our Beer Book release party at The Graham earlier this year

Some bars just look better on paper. Without the sticky floors, rowdy ex-frat boys and frustrated bartenders, your favorite bar sounds so much more idyllic. Bar Scrawl illustrates Brooklyn bars in their most perfect states, in a series of comics that bring you to your favorite drinking establishments without the tab.

Bill Roundy, also known as the artist behind Bar Scrawl, will be exhibiting his drawings at South Slope bar Supercollider (609 4th Avenue) for the month of September! Head out on Friday, September 5 for the opening reception, where you can drink a selection of 18 beers, the taps of which have already been illustrated by Roundy himself.

Roundy will be hanging out at the show opening, and will perhaps immortalize you sitting on a stool doing a pickleback. If not, he may teach you some of his tricks for observing the comedic subtitles of bar culture. Or you may not interact at all, but you can still enjoy his art while enjoying a few brews.

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