2 Broke Girls episode 6 recap: Baby massage leads to happy ending

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The murphy bed, an untapped roommate resource? Photos via CBS.

Whatever you say about 2 Broke Girls’ wackadoo portrayal of Brooklyn (and I say a lot about it), the show always accurately depicts that Kat Dennings is awesome. She was particularly funny in this week’s episode, in which Max has a delightfully specific awkward encounter with her bartender/street artist crush: When Johnny pretends to be interviewing Max with a celery stalk, she seductively bites it while looking him right in the eyes, and everyone gets all weird. Awkwardness, hijinks and believable girl-bonding follow.

And of course, lots of deets about Brooklyn:


Biz Dot Com: Caroline makes business cards for the girls’ cupcake enterprise, and Max loves seeing her name next to the title “Owner/Baker.” Yes, you can make up your own sweet title when you work for yourself. And yes, you can make business cards for your not-quite-existing-yet company. (You can also write your name and contact information on the back of your freelance film producer friend’s business card, but I still haven’t heard back from the woman I gave that to, so I don’t necessarily recommend it.)
Tipping Drama: A misguided dude leaves a $1.47 tip on a $50 bill at the diner and then claims that tipping is optional. He immediately meets his karmic fate: Max sasses his head off, and his horrified date leaves him. Don’t try that argument around here, guy! There are well-beings at stake.
When Johnny comes over, it's 2 girls, 1 dude.

Great Outdoors: Everyone knows that Brooklyn backyards are not for storing horses, they are for wooing love interests by providing a picturesque outdoor drinking location. Max makes good use of hers when Johnny comes over with beers and they sit out there in perfect banter heaven. Ah, to be young and in a backyard…

Sleep Tight: Caroline wants to find a way to not have to sleep on the couch, while still letting Max maintain the “Williamsburg I-don’t-care-about-anything-nice decor” of the apartment. There’s no room for a second bed, so Caroline installs a Murphy bed (the kind that folds into the wall). I’ve never heard of this set-up in real life, but it makes sense, and definitely makes a higher roommate-to-bedroom ratio more palatable.


Baby Alert: This week’s episode had my favorite unrealistic scene of the series so far: babies getting massages! When Max shows up for her babysitting gig on the UES, infants Brad and Angelina are lying on tables in their little diapers getting worked on by personal massage therapists. And it’s amazing! Give me all the babies! You could call your show Very True Documentary Regarding Exactly What It’s Like to Live in Brooklyn Right This Second, and if it was just 22 minutes of babies getting massages, I would love it. Which makes me realize that a lot of what is so frustrating about this show’s inaccuracy is that it kind of uses it for evil. The weird ideas 2 Broke Girlsputs into the world about what it’s like in Brooklyn are then immediately used to ridicule the whole place, to a somewhat baffling effect. Because, just…huh?
Next week: As the girls try to move forward with their cupcake business, they encounter babies riding paddleboats, babies going on brunch dates, and babies giving TED Talks. Just kidding! Probably more rape jokes.

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  1. While I haven’t watched last night’s episode just yet – it’s becoming a chore, unfortunately – I do wish they’d take advantage of the crazy supporting characters and actually let them SUPPORT the stories. Not just become side notes. Twin Brangelina’s mom – or the cook or Earl, for that matter – have enough juice at this point to dedicate a whole chapter to them. That the 2BGs must deal with, and potentially earn/lose money. Like, HELLO, why hasn’t Max slipped the twins’ mom a cupcake, on the DL?

    Will give a lil’ note after watching the show. Just discovered your recaps yesterday and I do enjoy them. As another currently-broke BKLYN-nite. Vigilance!

    • Okay okay… just saw and suffered through this 6th episode! Man it hurts when the weak storylines and incessant sexual jokes that Max spits out like saliva overshadows the great repartee of the leads. Having more Earl with no Han only reached so far. As for my earlier quip, I wish the cupcake biz sub-plot went farther. For as savvy as the 2BGs are, their shared hustle and investments are not being pushed in 21st-century style at all.

      My last two rants are on the show’s versions of romance. The bad tipper is not American or gentlemanly: who takes a first date to a local diner? To spend $50 for two? And the whole Chestnut and Us scene just hurt to watch. No chemistry with that dude at all – with the finish being a boob grab? This has got to get better with a full episode order.

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