Happy birthday, Amercia! 11 things to do this weekend to keep the party going

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1. Learn how to belly dance. It’s exotic dancing’s semi-respectable cousin! (Friday)

2. Cool off in the kiddie pool with the world’s best view. (Friday – Sunday)

3. See more short films than you can shake a stick at, which is coincidentally, eight films. (Friday)

4. Or, tell no one that this feature length movie is showing and you can have a pier all to yourself. (Friday)

5. Introduce your child to the twin evils of evolution and rooting for a team affiliated with the Mets. (Saturday)

6. Hang out with fellow dog owners and get some treats. Just be careful to differentiate the ones for you and the ones for your dog. (Saturday)

7. Bike Red Hook! In general, do anything in Red Hook! But bike it this time. (Saturday)

8. Finally, someone adapts “The Island of Dr. Moreau” without the intentional weirdness of half-dead Marlon Brando and half-sober Val Kilmer. (Saturday)

9. It’s intermediate canoeing, so don’t embarrass yourself by holding the paddle upside down. (Sunday)

10. Give your lousy kids a sense of New York’s incredibly long history. Just kidding, your kids are all beautiful snowflakes. Give them the sense of history anyway. (Sunday)

11. You cannot be an expert in MLKography until you’ve heard “Letter to Dr. Martin Luther King” by Sweet Honey in the Rock. Now’s your chance. (Sunday)

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