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Open! The Brooklyn Bridge Park pop-up pool

View from the promenade yesterday. Photo via Chuck Taylor/Brooklyn Heights Blog.

[UPDATE: The pool is opening Friday July 6!] McCarren Pool hasn’t even been open a week yet and we’re close to ruining it — you too, Bloomberg, and your “McClaren” Pool malapropisms. For those of you who fear the intense scene emerging at McCarren, you’re about one week away from trying out the city’s newest swimming hole, the pop-up pool at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Though the park’s site says the pool is scheduled to open the “first week of July,” a staffer in the office told us they expect to open sometime next week, though an exact date hasn’t been set yet. But as Brooklyn Heights Blog points out, as of yesterday the pool is full of water.

This thing is only a “pop-up” pool that measures 30’ x 50’ and 3.5 feet deep, and will only be around for five years, so you won’t exactly be doing Olympic trials in it. It can fit 60 people at a time; a sand beach next to it will have about 25 lounge chairs, 10 picnic tables and concessions.

But what a view, huh?! Maybe a little dip in the pool before the free movies at Brooklyn Bridge Park, which start this week?

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