The Week in Broketown, 9/29 – 10/3

red hook fairway

May your weekend be this colorful. Photo by Joanna Purpich

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-We figured it out for you: Whole Foods was 15% more expensive than Fairway

-The Bushwick Coffee Shop called Jews “greedy infiltrators” on Instagram

Minor league football came to Brooklyn

-A movie date was easier on your wallet than it used to be

-We had a bunch of 2-bedroom apartments that you could call home

-Neil Diamond came home

-You could rent Mayor Tall’s home

-Open House New York is coming up, and here’s what you should see

3rd Ward’s debt to teachers and students has turned out to be pretty large

-This Brooklyn Heights dad didn’t appreciate boobies

-We loved the New York-centric Brew Inn and we loved The Graham, where you can be one of the gang.