You can rent Mayor Tall’s Park Slope house for less than $5000/month

mayor de blasio park slope home
Nicer than where we live. via Brooklyn Properties

As we all know, before he was forced to flee price increases for public housing, Mayor Bill de Blasio and his family led a charmed life living in Park Slope. That’s over now, and because their house was getting lonely, you can now rent it (to live there we mean, not for parties) and tell people how you live in Mayor Tall’s house. Thinking it can’t be you? Well, it won’t be fore financial reasons, because the three-story, three-bedroom house Park Slope townhouse is going for $4,975/month. The only downside? It doesn’t come with a cool intimidating police security patrol.

CBS took a video tour of the apartment, but if you don’t have time to watch a video and get real estate envy, feel free to look at the listing on Brooklyn Properties, that calls the apartment a “charming county-style private house.” Somehow, the listing doesn’t say something like “Mayor Tall used to live here,” which we feel like would drive up interest, but we guess when you’ve got a gigantic place that could go from three to four bedrooms and it also comes with a backyard, you don’t need to do much to make people interested.

Of course, you’ll merely be renting the place, not owning it, so eventually Mayor Tall will be coming back. We’re not saying it’d be funny to hide campaign propaganda around the house from people who run against him, but we’re not saying we wouldn’t do that if we were the ones living in Mayor Tall’s apartment.

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