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Bro-bashing Brooklyn Heights dad blasts ‘( . Y . ) Boobies’ WiFi name

brooklyn heights wifi
We know, who could possibly think using the number 8 is alright? via Brooklyn Heights Blog

“Funny” WiFi names aren’t always as funny as you think they are, unless of course you can elicit a ridiculous reaction from someone with it. Which is exactly what a ridiculous bro in the Brooklyn Law School dorms on Clark Street accomplished by naming his WiFi “( . Y . ) Boobies.” A pissed-off dad emailed the above screenshot to Brooklyn Heights Blog, telling the blog this “bro nonsense” isn’t a thing “my daughter should have to see this when she comes out of the subway and checks her messages.” Of course, he mentioned that she’s a teenager, so we’d imagine that she sees worse things on an every day basis on Snapchat.

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  1. why would she see that coming out of the subway? who exits a subway and immediately tries to join an encrypted wi-fi network from an iphone with 4g?

  2. erikaseven

    Hey David, not to nitpick, but the housing at the St George isn’t the Brooklyn Law dorm (that’s on State Street). It’s EHS housing, which means it’s open to all students – although it seems to be almost exclusively populated by St Francis freshmen, based upon the sweatshirts and darling baby faces of the occupants :)

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