10/23/14 3:43pm

This could be you, drinking free beer. via Bedford + Bowery

Here’s the thing about Brooklyn’s innumerable flea markets, from the very twee to the very not twee at all: sometimes you want to travel a little bit to get your vintage baubles. Also sometimes you want some free beer while you’re buying your vintage baubles. Bedford + Bowery is making that dream a reality for you this weekend, Saturday, October 25, with a free bazaar at the Hester Street Fair that has free beer from Brooklyn Brewery. Nothing makes shopping more fun, or dangerous, than free beer. (more…)

bantam studios

Just look at where you’re violin adventures could take you if you get good at this! via Facebook

Have you ever thought about learning how to play an instrument? Of course you have, but you’ve made plenty of excuses not to, also. It’s time to put a stop to that though. You may not become the next Jimi Hendrix, or that famous guy who is super good at violin, but since when has that ever mattered? Now is the time to learn, and lucky for you, there are affordable lessons geared to your level of experience (beginner) right here in Brooklyn. The best part? You get free beer or wine while you learn, because Boozy Music Lessons from Bantam Studios is back this year! (more…)

06/13/14 1:38pm
brewskee ball

Let’s roll. via Facebook

Sports never stop in America, whether you’re obessesing about the World Cup, the possbility of an imporbable Rangers come back or the disappointing Mets or boring Yankees. Those sports all happen at a distance though, so how about a sporting competition you can be more directly involved in, like Brewskee-Ball? The bar-based skee-ball league is kicking off their summer season on Monday with a party at the Full Circle Bar. A party with free beer and free skee-ball. (more…)

03/18/14 8:25am

Want to wash all this down? You can for free now. via Briskettown

Hey guess what? Free beer! Now, for those of you who ran out of their house after reading that, then had to come back once realizing you didn’t know where or when, I like your spirit, and you’re about to be even happier. The free keg happens to be at Brokelyn-approved barbecue temple Briskettown (359 Bedford Avenue) in Williamsburg, and will be getting tapped every Tuesday at 5pm for the foreseeable future. The beer is self-serve, because you seem like a trustworthy kinda person, and will keep going ‘til the keg runs out (a.k.a. when I arrive with my Big Gulp cup). (more…)

02/25/14 1:45pm
Hand Job Academy at the No Office Holiday Party. Photo by Patrick Phillips.

Hand Job Academy at the No Office Holiday Party. Photo by Patrick Phillips.

With a title like that, you probably don’t need any other information on what this event is, but we’ll give it to you anyway. Our friends in the funny/fierce rap group Hand Job Academy are holding what is sure to be a rad free show tomorrow at the House of Vans, which promises both free skating and the greatest words this side of lunch: FREE PIZZA AND BEER. And because the Olympics are done and buried and never to be spoken of again, that means skateboarding, not icescapades. It’s part of the House of Vans weekly open mic/skate/pizza-and-beer cram sessions, so if you can’t make this show, you can always go back next week for more free hangs.  (more…)

02/21/14 4:12pm
desert island

Ain’t no party like a comic shop party cause a comic shop party’s got nerds. Sexy nerds. via Facebook

Ho hum, we’re facing yet another winter Friday, where even though it’s the end of the week and it’s time to party, we’d rather just stay home and huff our giant bottle of rubber cement, because the weather has beaten us down. Williamsburg’s Desert Island Comics (540 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg) has a better idea than huffing industrial chemicals though: Come on down to the store to celebrate their sixth birthday and drink free beer. (more…)

12/11/13 3:42pm
bedstuy-beer works-jar

Give a can, get a jar this weekend. Seems like a good deal to us. via Facebook

Beer is great. Burritos are great. Brooklynites are charitable folks with great hearts. Why not combine them for the good of all?

Bed Stuy Beer Works (408 Willoughby Avenue), a wholesale and craft beer center open to the public in Bed Stuy, is partnering with City Harvest this weekend to launch the first in what is hoped to be a monthly beer tasting, burrito eating and food donating fest appropriately titled “BEER + BURRITOS = LOVE,” this Saturday from 6pm to 10pm. (more…)

11/20/13 12:41pm
Touch glasses and souls at Living Social's Beer Fest!

Touch glasses and souls at LivingSocial’s BeerFest!

Feel a deep emptiness in your life? Have an yawning cavity of loneliness that just won’t stop hurting? There’s only one solution. No, it’s not turning to the faith that your parents raised you in. It isn’t giving back to the community or volunteering. And it sure as hell ain’t climbing a mountain to consult with a yogi. It’s booze, dummy. Grab your cups because we’re giving away one of our newsletter subscribers something awesome: two VIP passes to LivingSocial’s BeerFest at One Hanson Place!

That’s right — our newsletter contest is back. The winner gets to take a friend to any one of the three party sessions happening on Friday, December 6 and Saturday, December 7. These tickets, worth $60 apiece, give you: (more…)

09/06/13 10:05am
This could be you! The beard already is. via Flickr user Carlos Lorenzo

This could be you! The beard already is. via Flickr user Carlos Lorenzo

Trying to become more interesting still, but birdwatching isn’t really your thing? Understandable. After all, why should the birds get to have all the fun making music when you’ve totally got a Lumineers/Mumford and Sons inside you? Sorry, that was mean, we’re sure your band will be better than them. You just need to learn to play a folk-y instrument, and lucky for you, cheap violin classes have come to Williamsburg. Wait, sorry. Cheap violin classes that come with free beers. And before you ask, no, sadly, it’s not called the Kirin Ichiban Method. (more…)

08/30/13 11:45am
Yeah, that could get us to Manhattan. via Facebook

Yeah, that could get us to Manhattan. via Facebook

So summer is ending and we’re all sad about it. If only there were some way we could drink our way out of (or deeper into) our sadness and not spend that much money on it. Oh wait, what’s that, over the bridge, in the mysterious kingdom known as “the Lower East Side?” A free bazaar that will have free Brooklyn Brewery beer at 6:30pm tomorrow? Our dreams have been answered! (more…)