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Fill your fall with free beer: Nab a Brokelyn Beer Book today

As summer winds down (say it ain’t so!) there are plenty of things you can do to prepare for the colder months to come: invest in a sun lamp, migrate somewhere more tropical or – the certified official Brokelyn method – get yourself a Beer Book and transform the often fiscally-irresponsible act of treating yourself into a free education on the best local bars.

“Whaaat,” you say, “there’s a way to make cracking open a cold one financially efficient AND force me to not go to the same bar I’m really sick of but is one block from my apartment?!” Indeed, Brokelyn has the solution.



Our Beer Books, which come in two different neighborhood flavors, consist of 30 coupons for 30 free beers at 30 different bars, and cost $30 each. Neighborhood flavor #1 is for Zone 1: above Atlantic Ave. (Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, Fort Greene) and Zone 2: below Atlantic Ave. (Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, Gowanus, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Crown Heights, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Windsor Terrace, Flatbush, Sunset Park, Bay Ridge, Coney Island).

If you figure that most of those places are going to be charging you at least $5 for drafts even during happy hour, you’ll save enough money using your Beer Book coupons to buy yourself some dumb bougie cocktails, or a very decent bottle of champagne – or, like, pay your rent.



The Beer Books are going fast, so buy yours today for an immediate BK bar knowledge boost.

Warning: You may become low-key obsessed with your Beer Books and find yourself bringing them everywhere with you, rescheduling your social life so you can drink at Beer Book bars and forcing your friends to go to Bay Ridge in the name of a free glass of beer. Or so we’ve heard.

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