You can trade blankets for beer at even more bars

Your ticket to a pile of free beers. via Flickr user MTSOfan

Hey remember how a couple days ago we told you all about how Mary’s Bar would trade you a free beer for a blanket, because they’re participating in Blankfest? Come on, it was just a couple days ago. Well, maybe you don’t live that close to Mary’s Bar, or maybe you have a whole bunch of blankets and you want to maximize your return on your charity. Which sounds kind of bad when written out. Either way, we got a tip from the Beer for Blankets organizer letting us know that there are a few more bars in Brooklyn you can bring blankets to and get a beer in exchange. According to the email we got, you can pop in to Lucey’s Lounge (475 3rd Avenue), Monro Pub (481 5th Avenue), Mini Bar (482 Court Street), Kool Chez (524 3rd Avenue) and both locations of Table 87 (473 3rd Avenue and 87 Atlantic Avenue) to excange a blanket that will go to the homeless for a beer that will go to you.

You’ve got until December 23 to do it, so really, if you’ve been looking at a pile of blankets in your apartment and thinking “Now what am I going to do with all of these?” you should really consider giving them to Beer for Blankets.

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