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The only remaining question is whether the Staten Island Yankees hold a “Todd Barry Night” in retaliation

There’s nothing like minor league baseball promotions, especially when the Cyclones do them. Already the proud organizers of Manti Te’o night, along with both a Williamsburg night and a dinosaur night, they know how to do the ridiculous but intriguing really well. And that tradition will carry on this year when for whatever reason, the team honors the 25th anniversary of the July 5 Seinfeld premiere, by holding “Salute to Seinfeld Night” at MCU Park. Sorry, we meant Vandelay Industries Park. And that’s just the tip of the Seinfeld iceberg. (more…)

04/08/14 4:11pm
cyclones and derby

The Cyclones, Gotham Girls and a Brooklyn summer: perfect together.

We’ve got summer fever bad, so we’re giving you the chance to enjoy two of the best parts of the season for free. Thursday, we’re throwing the official launch party for the 2014 Brokelyn Beer Book, which you already know features bartender stories, cheap happy hour beers and tacos, games, and an overall good reason to hoist a few brews with us at The Graham. Now we’ve got two sweet prizes for party-goers too: a four-pack of tickets to any Brooklyn Cyclones game this summer, and a pair of tickets to see Gotham Girls roller derby! Find out how to win them below: (more…)

08/28/13 9:30am
Don't let the sun set on your summer without getting lucky

Don’t let the sun set on your summer without getting lucky

You work hard, you play hard, simple as that. Labor Day weekend commends the other 361 days you bust your ass at that 9 to 5, bus tables in that smelly bar, or sell bougie dresses in TriBeCa. We’ve compiled a list of affordable activities for you to fill your Labor Day weekend with relaxation or complete debauchery, your choice. (more…)

07/30/13 10:59am
Is it a stretch to call this a nutty promotion? via Facebook

Is it a stretch to call this a nutty promotion? via Facebook

Minor league baseball serves two purposes. The first is to provide a proving ground for young talent to show they belong in the major leagues, since not everyone is formed fully grown from the head of Sandy Koufax like New York’s new boyfriend Matt Harvey. The second is to provide wacky promotion nights that their parent clubs can’t hold. So imagine our surprise when we woke up to find out that a San Francisco Giants affiliate from Virginia announced their plans to hold an Anthony Weiner-themed $1 hot dog night. (more…)

07/02/13 7:57am
Bow before America's greatness at Shea Stadium. via Facebook

Bow before America’s greatness at Shea Stadium. via Facebook

Beer, baseball, BBQ, and egalitarian outdoor space—Independence Day represents the apple-pie epitome of American pride.

The problem is that all this patriotic partying can get quite pricey. Here is our guide to binging on broad stripes and bright stars for the budget conscious; after all, Brooklyn is the land of opportunity (for cheap happenings at least). (more…)

Celebratory forearm bumps for everyone! via Facebook

Celebratory forearm bumps for everyone! via Facebook

Summer and baseball. They go together like, well, summer and baseball. Of course, because one of New York’s teams is pure evil and the other is drowning in an ocean of debt, it can be expensive to go and enjoy a game. That is, unless you want to head down to Coney Island and watch the Cyclones. Which you should. So good thing tickets for their games go on sale next week, huh? (more…)



Let’s take a break from being terrorized for a moment to think happy thoughts about the summer. Cotton candy, hot dogs, riding thrill rides, doing your best not to throw up in a nearby garbage can after you’ve done those three things in that order. Sadly, the costs for all that fun can add up. But what if there was a way to take a chunk out of that cost? Oh, look at that, there is. Plus, it comes with a free ride on the Cyclone. (more…)

The way we was

The way we was

Whose fault was it that the Dodgers packed up and moved to LA? Walter O’Malley? Robert Moses? The mysterious higher powers behind all of baseball itself, cognizant of the fact that the West Coast needed baseball and the world needed the Mets? Well, we could argue about it all day. But we’d rather not. Instead we’ll happily take advantage of some nostalgia surrounding Ebbets Field’s 100th birthday, and you can to, because the Cyclones are selling ludicrously cheap tickets to mark the occasion. (more…)

02/25/13 1:00pm
High five for helping your fellow man! via Facebook

High five for helping your fellow man! via Facebook

Today’s sunshine may be acting like a tease, but the words we tell ourselves to get through winter are truer than ever in this last week of February: it’s almost over. So with spring and summer just around the corner, it’s about time to start thinking of things like the beach, outdoor music festivals and baseball. Specifically, our hometown Cyclones, who defend Brooklyn’s Single-A pride capably every season. They’re also great neighbors, as evidenced by their Meaningful Mondays promotion, that will give money to a different community impacted by Sandy every night one is held. (more…)

Your real-life imaginary boyfriend, Pat Kiernan, prepares for the game. via Pat's Papers

Your real-life imaginary boyfriend, Pat Kiernan, prepares for the game by Teoing. via Pat’s Papers

The story of Manti Te’o and his fake dead girlfriend is one of endless twists and endless delights. Did he know? Was he just a sucker? How did so many people not realize his girlfriend wasn’t real? Now, adding to the snickering surrounding the story, the Brooklyn Cyclones are holding their own Manti Te’o-themed night this summer, “Fictitious Friday“ this summer, on June 21.