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The Cyclones are hosting another ‘Seinfeld’ night and it’s gonna be gold, Jerry! Gold!

We can assure you, The Cylclones are not pimps. Image via Brooklyn Cyclones
We can assure you, The Cylclones are not pimps. Image via Brooklyn Cyclones

Once again, 90’s nostalgia rears it’s spiky head. However, this time it’s about something we actually enjoy. After the rousing success of last year’s “Salute to Seinfeld,” the Brooklyn Cyclones will once again pay tribute to the greatest and most timeless of American sitcoms with  “Salute to Seinfeld Night 2: Bigger, Better & Bania” on July 5. Last year’s event at MCU Park was a huge success, so this year, the Cyclones will have to try and top themselves, something the cast of the show about nothing has failed to do post “Seinfeld, with the exception of Julie-Louis Dreyfuss (or should we say President Meyer).

This year, The Cyclones will be wearing technicolor jerseys, matching the jacket Cosmo Kramer wore in “The Wig Master” and the first 2,500 people attending the game will get a “Little Jerry” (the fighting rooster named Kramer named after his next door neighbor) bobblehead. This year’s special guest will be none other than Kenny Bania, himself, Steve Hytner. We hear he’s been working out; he’s huge. Hytner will pose for photographs, throw out the first pitch and serve as official for “The Ovaltine Challenge.”

Activities before and during the game, which include the “Elaine Dance Contest, Top of the Muffin to YOU Contest, Costanza Trash Eating Competition” as well as the “Urban Sombrero Catch” and the “These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty Challenge” will keep you and the family entertained, while you try to get a free meal in exchange for an Armani suit from your friends. The Summer of George is here, so head over to MCU Park but don’t forget your Junior Mints.

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