King Henry will shine five fans’ shoes before Saturday’s game

King Henry is a man of his word
King Henry is a man of his word

Hey brokesters! We were thrilled with all the enthusiasm you showed to snag free tickets to Saturdays Brooklyn Cyclones game, where we’ll be crowning Brooklyn’s king and queen. Not sure if you remember from way back when our competition was in full swing, but King Henry (aka Brooklyn’s new monarch) had also promised to shine the shoes of the first five baseball fans in line. Well, great news: he hasn’t forgotten. Wear your most scuffed-up pair of black loafers to the game, and get ’em looking like new! 

The King will be out front at 4:15pm for fifteen minutes of prime shining action, reserved for the first five fans to line up in front of the stadium. There’s no shame in getting there early, anyway, since you can buy snacks on snacks and meet fellow Brokelyn readers in the stands. Saturday’s game also happens to be themed a “Bus Driver night,” and rumor has it a certain Honeymooners lookalike might be first in line to get his shoes shined. One of these days…

A few reminders, while we’re here: the doors to the stadium open at 4:30pm. The coronation ceremony will be at around 5:30pm. Game at 6pm. See you all on Saturday!

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