Man walks through Bed-Stuy


You walked around here? So much brave. via Flickr user Stylewalker

From the Commercial Observer comes an unfortunate musical reference and yet another “Bed-Stuy is the new Williamsburg” push. You always know you’re in for a bad ride with the author starts with a reference to Billy Joel singing about walking through Bed-Stuy alone in a song that’s 34 years old. It gets worse though:

But the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood is quickly losing the rough-and-tumble reputation Mr. Joel alluded to, and is now considered a prime candidate as Brooklyn’s next up-and-coming real estate frontier [Emphasis added]

I’ve recently walked through “Bedford-Stuy” alone on numerous occasions.

FACTS: Billy Joel sucks, Bed-Stuy isn’t a “frontier,” this is exactly what Spike Lee meant when he talked about Christopher Columbus syndrome.

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