Your student loan debt, in charts!

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The top line also represents your blood pressure as you read the chart. via Mother Jones

So, despite people’s best efforts, the student loan rate just doubled over the weekend. Those clowns in Congress did it again! More seriously, it’s shameful and stupid this happened, since the whole point of going to college is to get yourself qualified for a job that doesn’t keep you poor your whole life. Which is hard when you’re riddled with debt. If you want to wallow in it a little bit, Mother Jones put together some charts that go into just how shitty it is out there for people stuck taking out and then living with loans.

According to the data Mother Jones put together, there are 38 million of you out there with student loan debt, totaling an astounding trillion dollars owed. Which, woof. It comes down to colleges, even two-year colleges shooting up in price, and a minority of middle class and low income families don’t start with a financial plan to send their kids to college.

The result? College loan debt has surpassed credit card and auto debt, and almost surpasses them when you put them in combination. Not only that, but more student loan debts are delinquent than even credit card and mortgage payments. The result? Perpetually single walking advertisements moving to Kansas en masse, hoping to god that the Rolling Jubilee somehow comes to help them. Huh. Those right-wing nuts talking about colleges destroying America are right, if terribly misguided in how the destruction is happening.

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