Would you sell your face as ad space to avoid taking out student loans?

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Well, it’s nicer than what you usually see on the side of the highway. via Buy Her Face

College is expensive, which is a bummer. So is the fact that student debt ends up ruining your love life. But if you don’t want to take out loans, what else are you supposed to do, other than be born rich or take up bank robbery as a hobby? The Post brings us the story of one couple in Queens who decided to get around the student loan trap by turning themselves into living billboards.

Lou Milonov and Vessy Angelova are a Queens couple by way of Bulgaria pursuing an MBA and PhD respectively. Not wanting to end up becoming “loan slaves” they instead decided to rent out their faces and social media presences to advertisers for $99 a day. Their websites show that people have been willing to pay for cheek space, so what do you say, brokesters? Would you rather be a living billboard once a week or just bite the bullet and hope you can pay off your loans after college?

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