Your September 2018 horoscope is about to get real

September is a month for soul-searching and figuring out what you want, need, and who is supporting you. Cut out people who aren’t. You don’t have time for toxicity (who does?). September 9th brings a new moon, which will be all about new beginnings, fresh starts, and a better you.


You are patient with your friends, but are they patient with you? If not, cut them out.


You’re always balancing career, friends, and family. Make this month about you and what you want. Cause no one else will.


You’ve undergone a lot of changes last month. This month is about healing. A friend says you’ve been selfish? Tell them to look in the mirror.


You’re craving an adventure right now, so take it, even if it’s a workout adventure, staycation, date night by yourself. It’s time you fall in love with you.


Be bold. Do something that makes you uncomfortable. It’s about time.


It’s time to start a creative project that makes you vulnerable. Do something new.


It’s OK to be sad sometimes. It’s also OK to break up with a friend or partner if it’s just not right.


The world is your stage right now. Go out and shine. It’s what really want.


Take a step back and evaluate your situation. Are you really happy right now? Be honest.


You don’t know what you want but that’s OK. No one really does, not all the time. Embrace change.


You aren’t sure what to feel because you feel everything. Don’t be afraid to process. It’ll make you stronger.


This month is all about romance for you. Allow someone to treat you. You deserve it.

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