Your November horoscope is here — and it’s all about G-O-A-L-S

November jump starts with a new moon in Scorpio on Wednesday, November 7. What does this mean for you? Intention is everything, so the intention and outcome you want should be carefully thought out. The vibes and energy you put out will come back to you, so focus on what you want and do everything meticulously. It’s all about positive, new beginnings.

Then, on Friday, November 16, Venus and Mercury swap places, meaning it’s time for Mercury Retrograde, your least fave time of year. Beware of miscommunications, delays, and malfunctions. While it seems like a negative time, it’s actually perfect with the new moon, because it’ll weed out anything unnecessary.

A full moon comes to fruition on Friday, November 23, which will electrify partnerships and romantic ties.


This is a lusty month for you. You are all about fire and passion. Just be careful not to crush others in your path.


You are lucky this month when it comes to love, career, and creativity. Fly away.


Make a list of your goals. It’s time to shine.


Start that project, or continue working, on that dream you have.


You want to build a home, so do it. Small steps count, even if it’s just redecorating your bathroom.


You want to be onstage. You crave attention. That’s OK, just tunnel it healthily.


This month, it’s all about money, money, money. Find ways to save and plan for future you.


You aren’t sure if you’re into your main squeeze or see a future with this person. Make a list of pros and cons. It’s OK to have doubts, but processing is important.


Take a romantic getaway, whether with a new or old flame. It’ll kick start the romance even more.


What do you want? You feel like you are on the cusp of finding your niche in the world, but you need to make an actionable plan.


You feel a little down about a few things in your life. Why? Journal about where it stems from – it might be internal.


You’re weighing your options lately – and this is a good thing. Take some time, like a weekend to yourself, to really give yourself space.

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