Your October 2018 horoscope is steamy

October is about to get real personal. Since the Sun is in Libra in the beginning of October, you’re going to be a social butterfly, whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. However, the new moon in Libra on the 8th happens while Venus is in retrograde with Mars. So what does this mean for you? You’re going to struggle with something, whether a relationship, a job, or something internal. By month’s end, however, the moon will be in Leo, which means it’s time to party again. Right in time, of course, for the spookiest day of the year.


Make out with someone at a party this month. Get a little heated, whether with someone new or someone you’ve been seeing for a long time.


Don’t set the world on fire just yet, but it’s OK to be a little naughty sometimes (well, a lot of times). Just make sure everyone is on board.


This month is gonna get lit. You’re going to meet a lot of cuties. Go with it.


You’re going to struggle a bit this month with a romantic decision. Go with your gut.


It’s time to start taking risks with your social life. Stop being a wallflower.


This month is going to be emotional, so get some tissues ready.


You want to be independent right now. If you’re attached, it might be time to go solo.


Get out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there.


Your problem this month? So many people want to hang and you have little time. Choose wisely.


Don’t get overwhelmed by your emotions. It’s an up and down month, so journaling and talking your feelings out isn’t a bad idea.


Take some romantic weekend getaways. You won’t regret it.


You might feel more introverted than usual this month and struggle with an insecurity you’ve felt for awhile. Feel it.

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