Your August 2018 horoscope will make you laugh/cry

August will be a slow and fast month all at the same time, so get ready to feel like you’re in a whirlwind. With two planets in retrograde, Mars and Mercury, the month will feel like it’s a snail and you’ll have all sorts of things cramp your style. At the same time, however, the full moon in Pisces this month, August 26, will be super supportive and inspire your creativity.


Leo, you might feel like wearing shades all the time, because all of these exes coming back in your life is gonna get too real.


Thought you had a good job plan going and/or were getting somewhere? Well, looks like you were wrong–and you know, you might have to exercise that thing called patience.


Someone close might casually drop back into your life, and you have to decide if you want to hug them, ignore them, or claw their face off (sort of).


What? It’s all about you this month, so get all your self-care rituals ready.


You’re feeling a little bored and restless, what’s new? Get creative with your free time, or just stay bored.


For once in your life, be spontaneous. Go on a trip and, you know, find yourself.


You might be working on a project with a friend. Be warned: Your friend might piss you off.


You’ll probably cry a lot this month.


Someone might come back into your life and remind you of how you still need to work on yourself.


Be careful of being too nice, because you might be taken advantage of by someone.


Do you want to chill or work really hard? Looks like you’ll feel conflicted the entire month.


You’re basically going to be worried about money all month. Good luck, little crab.

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