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Yo, nerds: BAM to host Joss Whedon introducing ‘Serenity’

'Sup, nerds. Wanna hang?
‘Sup, nerds. Wanna hang?

Speaking of TV shows that were killed by Fox and left beautiful corpses, man, how about Firefly? That was an awesome show, kinda goofy theme song and all. But the sci-fi Western never caught on, with Fox not even airing the entire first season, to the chagrin of nerds like us. And while other TV shows have made it back from a Fox grave, Firefly wasn’t able to, except for a movie based on it, Serenity. Well, good news: Joss Whedon is stopping in at BAM later this month to introduce Serenity and watch it with all you nerds. Hooray!

Finally, all your old pals like Jane, River, Captain Mal and the ever-punchable Dr. Simon Tam, will be on the big screen again, which is great news for people like me, who missed out on the show the first time around and contributed to its cancellation. And like we said, it will be introduced by none other than the brain behind the show, and so many other great shows (mayyyybe not Dollhouse), Joss Whedon.

Whedon is hot as hell right now, coming off the one-two punch of Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers, so he can basically do whatever the hell he wants right now. Which means that his next film is a version of Much Ado About Nothing he shot in his backyard. BAM is screening that too, but sadly the show is sold out. Somehow though, the screening of Serenity on May 30 is not sold out, despite the fact that Whedon is hanging out to watch it with everyone. Miss it and you could end up with a feeling of terrible emptiness and loneliness. This guy knows what we’re talking about.

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