When Bluth’s Frozen Banana stand stopped into town

Two satisfied customers.
Two satisfied customers.

As part of the final countdown for the release of the 4th season of Arrested Development, Netflix has been pulling out all the stops for publicity. Character posters, weird Blue Man Group easter eggs and now this: the actual Bluth’s Frozen Banana stand stopping in across from Radio City Music Hall. You don’t want to miss this, you’d be making a huge mistake.

In what will certainly be a cure for the usual lunchtime or post-work blahs, the stand will be at Radio City Music Hall from from 11am to 6pm. There, you can live out your own fantasies of being the put-upon son of a dysfunctional family whose schemes always blow up in his face, by getting your picture taken in the stand! Plus,in an act of charity that leans more towards Oscar than George Sr., there are even going to be free frozen, chocolate-dipped bananas distributed to anyone who stops by.

Whether or not Maeby and George Michael will be there continuing their dangerous cousins romance is anybody’s guess. But probably not. Anyway, commence peppering the comments with Arrested Development quotes, because we know that’s all any of you want to do right now anyway. Unless of course, you’re…chicken.

UPDATE: We interrupt these people dancing in a way that no chicken has ever danced to bring you some pictures from on the scene, courtesy of Tim Donnelly. Tim says the line is stretching around the block with people waiting for more than half an hour (as of 12:30) for a chance to get a picture and a Bluth banana. On the other hand, the frozen bananas are vegan, so now we definitely know that lousy hippie Oscar is behind this. Also, you get free “Mr. Manager” stickers from a guy in a banana suit, and someone is giving away free copies of New York Magazine, for some reason. It’s like Woodstock for AD fans out there. Bluthstock?

Looks like someone's angling for a promotion
Looks like someone’s angling for a promotion

photo 1

They're actually all lined up because they think there's money in the walls
They’re actually all lined up because they think there’s money in the walls
Three more people who just can't wait to put a banana in their mouths
Three more people who just can’t wait to put a banana in their mouths


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