Coney Island/ Brighton Beach/ Sheepshead Bay

Would you pay $175 for a piece of the Coney Island boardwalk?

A bunch of sweaty feet wood can make your iPod slightly louder.

To quote Faye, aka Mama Brokelyn, Kickstarter is both a boon for dreams and an enabler of bad business ideas, and we’re not sure where this one falls. An NYC-based artist is using reclaimed wood to create iPhone and iPad holders that boost the sound of your device, all using no wires or cords, just natural, reclaimed wood. As a special July 4 bonus, he’s offering the sound boards made of pieces of the Coney Island boardwalk for a pledge of $175 (usually $250) to the first 50 backers. The whole appeal of the thing is that its made of bits of the historic Coney Island wooden boardwalk, which will soon be an endangered species. But is it worth the money, particularly since the contraption only doubles the sounds, which means it’s still only slightly above audible?

The creator is offering Sounders made of other, non-boardwalk reclaimed wood for a pledge of $75. And as of press time, he’s only raised about $5,000 of the $50,000 goal, with 18 days left.

The alternative, of course, is grabbing a bowl out of your kitchen, which also amplifies the sound, and is free.

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  1. beezy

    I wouldn’t pay any money for peices of the coney island boardwalk (which, let’s be real, it’s just kind of lying there); but I would accept $8/hour to help tear it down.

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