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Would you pay $11.95 to see ‘Brooklyn Kinda Love’?

Brooklyn Kinda Love
Rhiannon and Vinny of "Brooklyn Kinda Love."

You may or may not remember that back in July, we ran a post about a new reality documentary called “Brooklyn Kinda Love” that was looking for four real Brooklyn couples ages 18 to 35, to follow around as they went about their relationship business. Turns out that series was for Playboy TV! According to the Times, Playboy is rolling out a “higher quality, female-friendly” menu of reality shows, and “Brooklyn Kinda Love” is the first one, premiering on Jan. 15.

So maybe we are curious. Aside from the actual porniness of the show (the Times didn’t specify a level other than declaring the new reality slate “firmly sexual” heh heh), the obvious question for us is: how much does Playboy TV cost? According to the network’s web site, it’s $11.95 a month for Cablevision subscribers to watch the likes of Rhiannon and Vinny here get busy. (If skinny dudes in hoodies aren’t your thing, there are three other couples.) Would you pay that much? Of course if you have cable you’re already getting hosed. But is there a cheaper, or better still, free way for voyeurists to get a fix in Brooklyn? A park? A bar? Your kitchen window?

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