Win tickets to the Bell House’s Home Brew contest

Courtesy of the Bell House

You know that feeling you get when you taste a microbrew that few others have experienced before? You’re about to enter a whole new world. We’re giving away two free tickets to the Knights of Bruklyn’s Home Brewer’s Sentry 3rd Annual Home Brew Competition at the Bell House on June 23rd. These tickets, worth $42 total, will let you sample 12 different home brews and vote for the winner. Plus, you get BBQ by Urban Rustic, a big raffle, and more to be announced.

You must be an e-mail subscriber to win. It’s free and easy: fill in that little box to your right that says “JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST” and click subscribe. In the newsletter we’ll send out later today, click the link to enter. That’s all you have to do. We’re drawing a winner tomorrow at noon.

Keep an eye out for the newsletter every Thursday in your mailbox. After this contest is over, we’ll have many more giveaways and lots of useful Brokelyn info.

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