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We all try so hard to live a healthy, natural lifestyle without all of those nasty additives and chemicals, but sometimes it can be insanely hard. With busy schedules, demanding jobs, or just lack of convenience, you skip the tempeh go right back to eating chips and frozen dinners. And even if you finally find the organic products that you want, and you have to haul them back home, which is zero fun. is here to make all of that easier for you! The folks there have done all the research for you to ensure that the site carries only natural products. They have a banned ingredient list, too, so you don’t need to scour labels for chemical additives. Now you have a chance to try out some of their organic swag free! That’s right – free. The awesome people at Vine are giving away a $200 gift certificate to the site, so you can get a whole bunch of sweet all-natural products.

That $200 could buy you all sorts of products. Name a product that you want the all-natural version of, they’ve got it! The products range from vegan and gluten-free snacks to vitamins and supplements to cleaning products, beauty products, showering gels and skin creams, and even baby products. These aren’t just random organic brands you’ve never heard from. These are brands you know and trust like Annie’s Homegrown, Seventh Generation, Kind Bars, Mrs. Meyer’s, Tom’s of Maine and more. They also have Brooklyn-based companies like Peeled Snacks, The Jam Stand, and Common Good. Hate ordering things online because of shipping fees? There’s even free 1 to 2-day delivery on orders of $35 or more…and if you are ordering from Brooklyn, sometimes goods can even arrive overnight! That’s so quick!

Even if you don’t win the free stuff, there’s a reader bonus for a limited time only! Get 20% off your first order with the code BROOKLYN20 (up to $50). Offer expires 6/30/2013.

To enter, just join the mailing list below. You can earn more entries by like on Facebook, following them on Twitter, and tweeting about the contest. What are you waiting for? Get healthy!

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