Official mainstream composting coming to Williamsburg this spring

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The one on the right, or just throw it on the floor, i guess. Via Dept. of Sanitation Facebook

Williamsburg: stop being gross. Yes, there are many things we could be referring to when we say that, but in this instance, we’re talking about those gnarly compost piles that everyone keeps on their roof, in their yards, and in their bedrooms (actually, now that we think about it, that one person might have just been a slob). The city government seems to agree with me, as they’re bringing the city’ curbside composting collection program to Williamsburg this spring, according to DNAinfo.

The program, which is going to be for everyone in Brooklyn Community Board 1 (which is mainly Williamsburg and some parts of Greenpoint), gives everyone a new bin specifically for your organic waste, and then picks them up on recycling days. There are still a few kinks in the program, including where they’re actually going to put said waste, but they do know that once it’s gone back to being dirt they’ll be using it on Brooklyn parks and gardens, which seems unfair because every time we dump massive amounts of garbage at McCarren Park I always get yelled at.

The composting program has been trying to work its way through Brooklyn for a while now, with varying measures of success, so it raises the question: Is Williamsburg ready for an official composting program? Do they have it together more than Park Slope moms? Would you consider any of your friends living in Williamsburg “mature”, or “responsible”? Time will tell when the program is unveiled after this uncaring winter doomland rolls away.

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