The poser’s guide to budget yoga in Brooklyn

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A reader wrote in to ask where to find affordable yoga in town. A reasonable question: the going rate in Brooklyn is $16-$20 per class and $135-$175 for a 10-class card—expensive. I’ve grappled with this problem as well, and solved it in various ways: through trial-class discounts, Brooklyn yoga meetups and a few good DVDs.

I especially love Bikram yoga, and a lot of studios—say, Bikram Yoga South Slope—offer a “30-day challenge.” You pay for a month unlimited ($175), you go 30 days straight, then you get the next 30 days free. It can be tough, yes. But the financial incentive is huge.

Bikram South Slope also has a work-study option: you clean the studio (including mats) evenings and weekends for three free classes a week. Williamsburg’s Go Yoga has a work-study program as well. (“Please be mature, reliable, and comfortable handling responsibility. Previous experience with yoga is preferred, but not required.”) You might consider approaching your studio of choice, asking if they have something like this available.

Area Yoga in Carroll Gradens has a sick deal right now: both their 10-class card and one month unlimited are $75. I called to see when this offer might expire. “No expiration date on this.” Shambhala Yoga and Dance Center is surprisingly cheap (as yoga goes)—$115 for a ten-class pass. They also offer “community” pay-what-you-can classes 4-5 times a month, suggested donation $6. Third Root Community Health Center in Ditmas Park offers sliding-scale rates on yoga classes, calculated according to your monthly income.

I once met a woman in the changing room at South Slope who was studio-hopping for cheap introductory rates. She’d come all the way from Harlem to get the first-timers special at Bikram South Slope—$20 for a week of yoga (they also have a $90/month deal for first timers). Yoga Center of Brooklyn offers first-timers a $25/week of unlimited yoga deal. Park Slope’s Yogasana and Windsor Terrace’s Jaya Yoga both offer $10 classes for first-timers.

There are a lot of yoga meetup groups lead by certified teachers, the only difference being they lead classes in people’s homes, and in some cases studio spaces rented or lent to the group. Meetup yoga groups are generally cheaper than studio yoga. Example, the “Vinyasa Community Yoga Classes” meetup group gathers in Dumbo, requested donation $10. To find a yoga meetup group near you, do a simple search—yoga with your zip code.

Yoga deals pop on occasion on craigslist. I did a quick yoga/Brooklyn search in “community” and found $5 rooftop yoga off the Halsey stop on the L, plus a free yoga deal from Martial Arts-USA (759 Washington Avenue, 2nd Floor b/w Sterling and St. Johns, 3 blocks north of the Brooklyn Museum, [email protected]): your first class is free, if you refer a friend and they buy a five-class card you get another free class, and if you come to one class a week for four weeks you also get a free class.

I’ve spent months here and there doing yoga at home. There are countless DVDs out there, and I’ve bought more than few used from Amazon for $2-$10 dollars a pop (favorite DVD teachers: Brian Kest and Baron Baptiste). There are also plenty of yoga clips up on youtube. If you have a hard time with getting up and doing it alone, try inviting yoga-loving friends to do it as a group with a DVD. Start a meetup up group of your own—for free.


  1. YogaSole has a wonderful “Commit to your Practice deal for the Summer. 3 months unlimited Yoga for $350.
    Great value and an excellent way to deepen your practice.

    YogaSole 254 Windsor Place, Brooklyn NY 11215
    718 541-1382

  2. You can’t beat Third Root Community Health Center. They are an acupuncture, herbalism, yoga, and massage cooperative. They have fabulous yoga classes for $10, or $8 a class if you buy a 20 class card.

    Marlborough Road and Cortelyou Road in Ditmas Park, right off the Q train.

  3. Yoga Today offers streaming yoga classes from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, filmed outdoors. There are three different teachers and a variety of classes. Each week there is a free class, or you can sign up for a subscription- $9.95/month for unlimited classes. You can also download classes for a fee.

    I love it since I work from home and live in Bed-Stuy. It’s great if your time is limited- no travel time to get to classes.

  4. hi
    when the recession took more effect, i cancelled my gym membershop in order to cut back on costs. what i do to stay in shape in that I DVR the namaste yoga on the fitness channel! its great and it is a cost saver! the show runs for an half hour so I do two to three shows in one session at least four times a week. it creates discipline and i have seen great results with my body!
    there are of course other shows which are more cardio driven too-so try this if you have cable-just make sure you get the dvr-it is only $7.95 per month plus cable and internet-its worked for me!

  5. The best yoga deal of NYC is Greenhouse Holistic in Williamsburg – 79 dollars per month unlimited (more if you commit for a year). If you take 3 classes a week that averages out to less than 7 bucks a class. And they have two studios for more classes and flexibility. And they are about to open another one. And they have a sauna.

  6. Jeff Zee

    “Cheap” yoga doesn’t necessarily mean “good” yoga. A free class with a bad teacher is not worth the savings or the chance for injury. Penny smart and dollar foolish–don’t be!

  7. What I did was look for a gym that has a yoga studio. My $67 a month gets me as many yoga classes as I want at the Body Elite Gymn in Cobble Hill, plus free mats and towel service (not to mention all the other services offered at a gym). Yes, the morning classes only go about an hour during the week but on the weekend you can get a decent long workout. Plus, all the teachers I’ve met so far have been great. Then again, not all gyms offer several yoga classes in a day.

  8. $9/class isn’t too steep, right?

    I’m starting up a sunrise class at Shambhala Yoga & Dance.

    7am-8am every Friday

    Come join me and amazing peeps from the community for an hour of juicy vinyasa flow to groovy tunes. You’ll leave feeling invigorated and AWAKE!

    348 St. Mark’s @ Washington Ave
    I’ll be opening the door at 6:45.

    For full Shambhala schedule, visit:

    For info on my teaching or my full schedule, visit:

  9. Carrie

    I highly recommend the “City Stretch” guide, $15. It covers Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The authors went to every yoga studio in the book and noted essential elements (i.e. cost, level, style, vibe, an overall rating and comments). I purchased mine at Omala on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. Great book. I’ve found it very helpful and saves me tons of time, not to mention money.

  10. 3 yoga classes for $25 plus donation classes at loom studios, loom studios offers a variety of Yoga and Pilates classes in Bushwick East Williamsburg. its the only full functioning Yoga studio in the bushwick area

  11. Donation Based Yoga offered in Bushwick, 15 minutes from Manhattan on the M train.
    1089 Broadway, Brooklyn, 11221
    Mondays & Tuesdays @ 8pm-90min class
    Experience a comprehensive and fun practice of a creative Hatha Vinyasa flow customized to you and your mind/body/consciousness. These candlelit classes allow you to turn inward and expect to go deeper in your practice in this personable environment.
    Affordable private lessons and massage are also available.
    Email us for future updates and New classes that will be added
    [email protected]
    (917) 651-7717

  12. Shook Lizzie

    I actually have 24 classes to an amazing North BK studio with 3 locations that I can not use due to a back injury.  Purchased for $264 but passing them off for $200.  Would love to pass these classes on so they dont go to waste- let me know if anyone is interested.  [email protected]

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