See what they did here? Recycle old specs for good in BK

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Eyeglasses: they’re so hip! They’re so fashionable! They’re so necessary to see! They’re so … expensive. Let’s say you’re one of the fortunate ones with health insurance that lets you update your prescrips on the regular. What can you do with those old ones that saves them from the Dumpster or, worse yet, saves them from having the glass removed and being resold as fashion-only accessories? You can recycle them, obvs, and hand them down to needy folks and charitable organizations in developing countries through the group New Eyes for the Needy. See the list of participating locations in Brooklyn below and find out what other fashions you can contribute.

New Eyes for the Needy is looking for donations of:

plastic eyeglasses, reading glasses and sunglasses in good condition
metal eyeglasses in any condition
hearing aids
pairs of prescription lenses
watches, silver and gold jewelry, and costume jewelry
silverware and giftware
dentures with gold inlays

(Proceeds from the sale of scrap metal, hearing aids, jewelry and giftware are used to purchase new eyeglasses for poor U.S. residents.)

Where to donate (list via Moral Eyes):

Streets of New York 411 652 Linden Blvd 11203 347.526.3501

Luxeye 171 Bedford Ave.11211 718.599.7799

Tops Gourmet 89 N 6th St.11211 718.782.6660

This & That Restaurant 419 East 98th St. 11212 718.285.0658

Gialeti’s Café 1658 8th Avenue 11215 718.768.0500

Lyceum Market Place 227 4th Ave. 11215 718.857.4816

MoralEyes Eyewear 247 Prospect Ave, 2nd Fl 11215 718.764.6676

Park Slope Hardware 593 5th Ave 11215 718.788.6683

Breklellen Cellars 504 Nostrand Avenue 11216 347.240.5421

Melanie’s Restaurant 1285 Fulton St 11216 718.399.2960

Moshood 698 Fulton Street 11217 718.243.9433

Skills Salon LLC 450 Dean St. 11217 718.638.4340

Assemblyman Felix W Ortiz 404 55th St. 11220 718.492.6334

Don Paco Lopez Bakery 4703 4th Ave. 11220 718.492.7443

The Wash Depot 4814 4th Avenue 11220 718.567.8512

Apollo Express Laundromat 1019 Manhattan Ave. 11222 718.389.1319

Eagle Wine & Liquors Inc. 1071 Manhattan Ave. 11222 718.383.1983

Eastern District 1053 Manhattan Ave.11222 718.349.1432

G&M Super Sound Electronics 706 Manhattan Ave.11222 718.349.2034

Global Phone Card 817 Manhattan Ave.11222 718.609.9430

Greenpoint Eye Care 909 Manhattan Ave.11222 718.389.0333

Optical Warehouse Outlet 764 Manhattan Ave.11222 718.349.8313

San Diego Laundromat 1111 Manhattan Ave.11222 718.361.1649

United Medical Assoc. 1029 Manhattan Ave.11222 718.383.3377‎

United Medical Associates Pllc 1029 Manhattan Ave. 11222 718.383.3377

Strictly Vegetarian Restaurant 2268 Church Ave 11226 718.284.2543

Community Board #7 4201 4th Ave. 11232 718.854.0003

Rite Care Pharmacy 677 4th Ave. 11232 718.499.7140

Abigail Café & Wine Bar 807 Classon Ave 11238 718.399.3200

Asase Salon 622 Vanderbilt Ave 11238 718.638.2078

Coffee Bites 824 Washington Ave 11238 347.787.2991

Wine Exchange 595 Vanderbilt Ave 11238 718.783.WINE

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