City residents vote on the best ride share app

When it’s late night and you need to cruise home real quick, what’s your ride share app of choice? Do you have that magic swipe where one app rewards you with a cool $5 fare all the way back to your apartment? Or, do you just pray to the cab gods, throw caution to the wind, and choose a random app based on your mood?

Well, your fellow New Yorkers weighed in on the best ride share app. From Uber and Via to Lyft Line and Curb Ride Share, they voted on the best. Who do you think won?

If you were holding out for Lyft Line, you’re sorely mistaken. Via scored 29 percent of the vote – narrowly beating Uber Pool. Meanwhile, Lyft Line scored at 25.4 percent. According to Brooklyn Patch: “Fans of Via loved its flat rates and the fact that its algorithm doesn’t let drivers stray too far from the route in search of additional passengers.” While speed (or brevity) of the ride is important to many people, riders were also a fan of the flat rates. Can’t say we blame ’em.

[H/t via Brooklyn Patch]

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  1. Does no one take the subway any longer? You’re in New York, live like it. And if you must take a car, why not Curb, which is for yellow cabs, which pay fair wages and keep the money in the city, not siphoned off to silicon valley

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