Eureka! Late-season sleds in Park Slope

sledsWhen everyone else is trudging off to Brooklyn’s snowy peaks tomorrow morning, you don’t to be the one trying to convince your kid that a wok makes a perfectly good sled. But where to find one so late in the season? We headed to our old sled standby, Save On Fifth in Park Slope, to see what they had in stock. As it happens, there was a great selection—and even a sale. As of this Friday-afternoon writing, the store had eight sled models, priced from $9.99 to $29.99, from toddler rigs to saucer styles to a five-foot-long, two-person tobogan. I think the best bet is the slightly smaller tobogan that can still fit two small kids or one big one, marked down from $14.99 to $12.99. Does anyone have a lead in another neighborhood?

Sledville, BK
Sledville, BK


  1. Tyler

    It’s hardly that late in the season… if it ever decides to snow where its *supposed to*, then we still have another 2 months of sledding to go.

  2. hannah

    Pizzzazz on Court Street has tons of sleds for relatively cheap. It’s right next to the cobble hill movie theater (i forget the cross street, maybe butler?)

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