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Bed Stuy Beer Works now delivers beer by cargo bike

bed-stuy beer works
Imagine this thing pulling up in front of your apartment. via Full Lane Logistics

You know how you sometimes (always) wish that beer would just arrive at your doorstep on command? Well, now it can, thanks to a highly sophisticated transport device taking over the city: the cargo bike.

No, this isn’t your run of the mill, throw your kids in a basket tandem. Bed Stuy Beer Works, a beer retailer and wholesaler in Bed-Stuy, has teamed up with cargo bike delivery cooperative Full Lane Logistics to bring hoppy brewy goodness to your home – and cold, too. It’s the perfect news to learn as we gear up for summer.

The partnership, announced last week, offers same-day and next-day delivery and can include any amount of the store’s continuously changing craft beer selection (check out the updated list at, along with the less crafty tried-and-trues, too, from mix-and-match six-packs to kegs and cases. So what’ll it cost ya? Here’s the run-down:

Keg delivery is $30 for a half keg and $15 for a quarter keg. Pickup for the empty is $10, and if you have any other kegs laying around from that time you didn’t have cargo bike beer delivery service, they’ll pick those up for $5 each. Case delivery is $10 for up to two cases and $5 for anything additional, up to eight cases. Anything smaller than that (i.e. four six-packs, a growler and a large format bottle) has a flat fee of $10.

Can you order 24 hours a day? No, this is Brooklyn, not some sort of beer utopia, so put the brakes on that idea. However, you’re guaranteed to get your beer before 8:30pm if you order by the 6pm cut off. Or, if your sloth powers have reached clairvoyant levels and you know you’ll want beer delivered tomorrow, call by 8:30pm and get it by 6pm the following day.

Now go order some beer, you lazy genius, you. Your cargo chariot awaits.

Bed Stuy Beer Works, 409 Willoughby Ave. at Walworth St., Bed-Stuy, 718-797-1465.

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