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The Well steps up to save Tiki Disco, for a price

tiki disco
Now in a new location. Photo by Kenny Rodriguez via Facebook

If you’ve been sitting shiva since we broke the news that Tiki Disco wasn’t going to be returning to Roberta’s this summer, you can put away the chopped liver and the pastries, because the insane summer party has announced a new home. Also, come on, why were you doing that, we said that a new host was probably going to appear. Anyway, the good news is that Tiki Disco season will start on Sunday, June 1 at The Well (272 Meserole Street). The only thing is, it costs $10 this time.

Yes, before the mourning could get too bad, new Bushwick venue The Well stepped in to say that they would host Tiki Disco. Obviously it isn’t summer without a few out of control dance parties, so it’s good of The Well to make sure June gets off to a bang by hosting what’s probably been the most out of control dance party a few years running now.

The kickoff will go from 2pm to 10pm on Sunday, and usually we’d say you should get there to line up at around 11am, but the new wrinkle this year is the cover price and the advance tickets. On the one hand, it’s never fun to have to pay for anything, but on the other hand, you could just buy a ticket and stroll in instead of getting sunburned waiting on a line. Plus, these guys are party professionals, they’ve gotta make a living.

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