Learn to throw a punch, plus 14 more things to do this weekend

You never know if you'll run into Hilary Swank in a dark alley
You never know when you’ll run into Hilary Swank in a dark alley

1. Help singer-songwriter Alex Calder release his new record by partying at Cameo Gallery. (Friday)

2. Hopefully this exhibition featuring works exploring the nature of transformation don’t trigger an existential crisis for you. (Friday)

3. Honor democracy by voting on the movie selection at this free indie film screening at Georges-André Vintage Cafe. (Friday)

4. Dance like you’re somewhere not in frozen hell cold at this funk and zydeco party at Bar Chord. (Saturday)

5. This book launch for an arts and crafts book is supposedly for kids, but are you going to let age limits hold you back? (Saturday)

6. Embroider sweet nothings/aesthetically pleasing curse words into tea towels at Greenpoint Library. (Saturday)

7. The art at YES/NO considers the complexity of choices, but don’t let it make you dwell too much on your poor life decisions of the week. (Saturday)

8. Get two free Brooklyn Brewery beers and lots of giggles at Greenpoint Comedy Night. (Saturday)

9. If you miss show and tell–it’s ok, we know you do–Showcasey Jones is the showoffy comedy show for you. (Saturday)

10. Skyler Skjelset of Fleet Foxes is just one of the many musicians, artists, actors and dancers coming together for Stories in Twos and Threes at Greenpoint Gallery. (Saturday)

11. Use your impeccable dance moves to show vinyl some love at Output/Stilton House. (Saturday)

12. Celebrate Christmulch by composting your tree at Mulchfest Gowanus. (Sunday)

13. See how well some comics can wing it at Freddy’s Bar’s Backroom Brawl Improv Comedy. (Sunday)

14. Fight like a girl at this free women’s self defense class. (Sunday)

15. We really hope there’s a dinosaur featured on this panel of this improv discussion of The Lost World: Jurassic Park. (Sunday)

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