The Roast of Santa Claus, plus 15 more free happenings this week

roast of santa
Dig up Santa’s past. Photo by Sarah Bibi

1. Singer/songwriter Mackenzie Shivers is powering through some ballads at Pete’s Candy Store. (Monday)

2. Start your week off with some dancing and bathtub liquere at Moonshine Monday. (Monday)

3. Jackknife Comedy brings some cutting jokes to Brooklyn Colony. (Tuesday)

4. BookCourt hosts a night of political fiction courtesy of Dissent magazine, since apparently our politics aren’t nightmarish enough as it is. (Tuesday)

5. Pick the longest, most elaborate songs you can find and perform them for a captive audience at Karaoke by Le Noize at Macri Park Bar. (Wednesday)

6. Celebrate Tom Waits’ 65th birthday with a night of tribute bands at The Way Station. (Wednesday)

7. The Disagreement Reading Series at WORD has gathered authors and poets to talk about a subject we’re sure you’re familiar with: failure! (Wednesday)

8. Drink some brews from the heartland at Covenhoven’s Midwest Beer Night, Doncha Know? and sloppily show everyone what a great Minnesota accent you can do. (Wednesday)

9. Head to Over the Eight and show everyone what a brilliant Minnesota impression you did last night at Covenhoven at Split Personality: Comedy and Storytelling. (Thursday)

10. This week’s Trivia Night at Three Jolly Pigeons theme is everyone’s favorite Christmas carol: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells. (Thursday)

11. Comedy Central’s Matteo Lane is headlining this It’s Sooo Up and Coming stand up at 739 Franklin. (Thursday)

12. powerHouse Arena launches Eating Delancey: A Celebration of Jewish Food by throwing a party of their own celebrating Jewish food and featuring a klezmer band. (Thursday)

13. Who Dis is a comedy show at Muchmore’s on a mission to determine your identity and make you laugh. (Friday)

14. Trestle Gallery’s Winter Art Sale draws to a close this week with a special public reception. (Friday)

15. KJ Denhert is bringing her jazz-rock-folk fusion to The Classon Social Club. (Friday)

16. Hear some comics expose some of Santa’s most embarrassing stories and watch clips from your favorite Christmas movies at Videology’s The Roast of Kris Kringle. (Friday)

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