The Week in Broketown, 7/14 – 7/18

piquant brunch
Piquant is on our agenda this weekend, we don’t know about you. via Facebook

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– The best in unlimited drink brunch specials was found

-We were the voice of reason in the “Brooklyn Girls” freakout

-The Brooklyn Museum got a farm stand with really, really local produce

-The Park Slope Food Co-op got political

-You got some ideas on how to spend your summer Fridays

-Lousy damn millennials refused to rack up credit card debt

-Bushwick got an alcohol festival

-We had all these jobs for you

Hipsters saved a bar

-A map tracked Brooklyn’s demolitions

-Lena Dunham dissed all the next Patti Smiths out there

-We declared it was alright to be a ba’sik bitch, and suggested playing pinball at Jackbar

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